Vishkanya-A luvly Saga 09


Mohan thinks”I want to know the truth which I didn’t try to know”So he creates a new world for few minutes..

Loc:New time of a new world..

Apu n Malay walks in a road..A snake comes to bite Malay..Apu took it n put away nearby..Mohan comes toward n ask with care”What happen?Are u 2 k?”
Malay said”We r fine bro” n smiles..Apu reached home n thinks about her hand touched Malay’s hand..Instead of tat,she heard a voice which is familiar to her..
“Mohan..Plz..Plz release me..”
Apu see her surroundings..No one is there..She rub her eyes..While opening her eyes,she realized it’s all a dream n she is in her new wooden house..
Apu shocked while seeing the same woman with locket in air like a witch with full of fear..Her hands tied by a chain..
Mohan sits in a chair..
Apu asked”Bhaiyaa..What is this?”with fear..Her body turns into blue.
Mohan raises his hand n shouts”Apu..Silence”
He asked Anura”Ziya..Because of my faith about U,I didn’t try to think about tat..I want to know about the truth only by ur words..I know all while thinking tat..Why U try to insist me to kill my Brother?Because of U,I killed my Brother n try to revenge it sister”
Anura said”Cain..I didn’t try to kill ur brother..”with fear..
Mohan said”Then U didn’t Say..”angrily n turns world into…

Hope u like tiz frndzz..Sorry frndzz for late update because of net finished..Write ur cute comments after reading..Thread of the twist revealed tom..If u guess,share it frndzz

Credit to: HarSHaN

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