Vishkanya-A luvly Saga 08

The episode starts with .. Back to real life..

Apu walks on road thinking about kalpana,tapur and she thinks about Malay. She beats her head and tells why I am thinking about him? She tells I need to forget him. Malay comes infront of her and asks did u search for me? She tells no I came for a walk.. Malay smiles and tells I will help u and walks with her. Kalpana sees them and smiles. Mohan prasad also walks there..

Malay speaks to apu nonstop.. Apu gets nervous and tries to leave. Malay bends his knee and proposes her. She gets shocked. It is turned to be dream..of apu.. Malay walks near her with flower. Apu tells him not to tell u love me. She starts cooking up fake story. He tells her to stop ??i came here to give flower to my grandpa and not u.. She smiles and tells sorry…

He tells u always misunderstand me and scold me and finally tell sorry alone.. She tells OK OK.. She holds her ears and tells sorry. He tells it is OK. Mohan walks there and sees them and tries to come near them. Apu sees snake coming near Malay and comes there and takes snake in her hand and throws it otherside. Mohan gets shocked and comes near them and asks are u ok? Apu and Malay nods their head..

Malay smiles at her and thx her.he was about to hug her but she shows her hand. They both give shaken.. Malay smiles and leaves her hand and takes his hand and thinks I will not wash my hands for many days… He smiles and comes to house and dances in joy..

He dances with kumkum and all. He comes basin and he was about to wash but he stops and thinks and washes left hand. And he sits and eats in left hand. Nanditha asks what happened? In right hand? He tells it is paining for me.

Precap: Malay holds his hand and kisses on it. Apu sees this and thinks what happened to him? She remembers she giving shaken to him…

Credit to:HarsHan and narendran….

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  1. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

    HarSHaN can u pls update my ff one epi.. Pls pls but don’t bring any twist pls apu will tell her truth and Malay should feel and make him feel and cry like that pls make next epi of my ff pls pls

  2. Sure bro..I’ today

  3. Tanq bro for updating new episode 08 of my created ff..Tanq bro Tanq

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

      It is OK but pls update my ff little long… Pls pls

  4. bro..I’ll update I ‘ll maintain story gud bt wrongly done tat short already bro..Sorry bro..Aftr tat only I saw the message “little long”plz forgive me dude

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

      It is OK but no comment other than us?????tell me how is this epi??

  5. Nyc episode side..I’ll get another line for the older one..tanq bro

  6. Tanq bro..Tanq?

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