Vishkanya-A luvly Saga 07


11yrs back..The first meeting of Apu n Malay.Malay n Apu was watched by someone.

Apu’s ma said to Apu “Apu,I’ll go to rest room..U play here with ur frnd Malay..Don’t go apart”

In rest room
Apu’s ma surprised while seeing the woman..with locket
n asked” Anura..Hw r u?Apu is here.I want u to see Apu 1st time..”
Anura said”I’ I need ur help..”n suddenly hypnotised her…Apu’s ma falls down..

Loc:few hours later in the same past..
Apu’s ma comes to conscious n after knowing Apu was going to home..she went..

While seeing ma,Apu asks”Where is my chocolate ma?U said while going out..Bt Y ma U r so different aftr coming frm park?”

Ma thinks this is all Anura’s work bt why did she do all tiz n said herself in her mind”His doesn’t goes to Apu’s ears”

Loc:Now in Apu_Malay’s home
Few mins back
While seeing paintings,Malay was hypnotised by the same woman who is in painting
Mohan feels all tiz n rushes to Apu_Malay’s new time.
While entering tat room,Mohan said”I feel U. .Come out
If I dare”
Anura:”I’ll,Cain,Son of Adam.”
Mohan enters the room..
His body turned into blue.. n surrounded by light..
Anura said”I want to see u ..I know I had no power to see U..Bt I have Apu n Malay now”

Mohan thinks”I have the power to stop it.Bt I want to know the truth which is unpredictable to me”

Hope u like tiz frndzz..
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Credit to: HarSHaN

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  1. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

    Why u are posting small always?? I am posting somewhat big Na then pls post little big da.. Nice epi

  2. Apu’s ma thinks Tiz doesnt goes to Apu’s ears…

    Mohan Said”Come out,If u dare”
    Sorry frndzz..Typing mistakes

  3. k bro..thinkin tat time of writing only..not thinking b4 for writing..tatsy..Sorry bro..I’ll rectify in upcomi

  4. Tanq bro..I’ll create big story bro..

  5. Super

  6. Tanq sharaya

  7. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

    I have sent epi through email.. They will post soon.. But epi will be nice but not with past. Becoz u would have thought best FB but I won’t so I wrote with some present track I hope u will like it.

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