Vishkanya-A luvly Saga 06


Loc:Apu’s home..
Abi asked”1 min..What..Rings of Adam n Eve?R u mad?I even still believe Apu’s blue is a disease only..”
Ma said”It is Real..Come with me..Abi..I want to meet them..

Loc:Mohan’s place.

Malay said”Bhaiyaa..We will bring Ma after”

Mohan presented them a luvly wooden House n an apartment..

Apu n Malay left from Mohan’s place..

Finally,they reached their wooden House..Malay holds her finger with Apu’s fingers…
They entered 1st in their new sweet home..
At entering home..Malay take (carries) Apu in his hands n said”Come with me,My childish cutie”n smiles..
Apu smiles n her ears feels his heart raagas at that time..
Malay bring Apu to their Special Room..
Full of Malay’s paintings are there..Mostly childhood Apu..
n an image of 1st meeting of Malay and Apu drawn also by Malay..
At seeing that image..Apu shockly says”Who is this behind me..How my locket is present in her neck?”n goes back..
Malay confused n asked”Apu..What is this..She is ur ma.”
Apu said”No..She is not my ma..”
Apu unconsiously falls..Malay thinks”She wants to know the truth” n turns into Same woman present in tat image..
Real Malay unconsciously at neardoor..
Mohan feels all tiz n realise tat Apu’s real ma is not responsible for ….

11 yrs back..the 1st meeting of Apu n Malay…
Hope u like tiz frndzz..
Sorry for late post frndzz..Post ur nyc comments..

Credit to: HarSHaN

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  1. Nice word”heart raagas “? Nice episode ….

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  3. Its awesome yaar..loved it…pls post next part soon.

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  7. Tanq abhi..Sure..I’ll post

  8. Tanq abhi..Sure..I’ll post soon

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