Vishkanya-A luvly Saga 05


It is an imaginary one..frndzz.Not intendding something.. R someone..
Apu smiles n asked”Hw U turned into blue?”with doubt.Mohan said”It is upto U”.

In Apu’s home,Ma asked to Abu tat who r u?
Abi said”Aunty,I m Malay’s cousin.We r here to meet Apu.”
Ma asked”Bt where r they?”
Abi said”They r going to meet Mohan bhai”
Ma shocked”What Mohan?Why are they going.I want to stop them.”
Ma:”He had the rings of Adam n wants to kill me still now frm..”

In Mohan’s place..

Mohan brought the two to his room n give Apu n Malay chains..
A ring is present in each chain.

Mohan said to Malay:”U put it in Apu’s neck n Likewise.Apu,U also”
They exchanged..Mohan bless them n said”I m waiting to see ur mom..”
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Credit to: HarSHaN

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  1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Why toooooo short??? Pls update big yaar

  2. Typing At going work dude..Tats y tiz upda t comes so short..’l update big on coming updats ji

  3. Good episode ?

  4. Tanq kathy☺

  5. tanq sharaya

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