Vishkanya-A luvly Saga 04


(At the age of 12 (Malay) n 10 (Apu))
“Ma..Is this Sun?” Apu’s sppech was different to him.
Malay stops his bicycle n runs towards Apu..
He calls by touching her in her back by his little fingers…
Malay:”Hey..R U Vampire?”
Apu:”S..I am..”n smiles childly..
Malay:”I m Shaktimaan..I ‘ll catch u”n rotates his fingers upwardly
Apu laughs..Malay sees her front teeth was missing..
Malay asks”Vampire..Where is ur teeth?”
Apu:”Haha..I kept tat in home”
“Is this line written by the God (frm “24”)” plays….
Apu’s mom smiles by seeing her Apu after a long time…
Malay’s mind comes to present while seeing his bro’s name in room’s door…
Malay opens the door..All stands while seeing Malay.. n after see Mohan
Mohan sees all..
All goes out of room..
Malay touches Mohan’s feet for respect..Mohan blessed him n asked”Where is Apu?”
Malay brought Apu inside..
Apu also touches Logan’s feet..
Mohan blessed him”Do u know who I am..”
Apu said”U are my Malay’s brother”
Mohan laugh soundly n He sees Apu..
Her tulsi thread falling down.At reaching ground,It raises high n rounded in Mohan’s hand..
Mohan’s body turned into blue…n said”Don’t sorry..I ‘ll unite U both if even tat God comes to stop”…
Apu’s ma awake in her home…

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  1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Nice yaar thnx for bringing Mohan prasad name !!

  2. Tanq bro

  3. At 1st,it was Apu’s speech..n apu’s mom smiles while seeing Apu’s smile..Apu also touches Mohan’s feet…the last..Mohan said”Don’t worry..

    Sorry frndzz..I didn’t see tat while typing

  4. Super

  5. Tanq sharaya

  6. Wow interesting ,keep going harshan

  7. Tanq sania

  8. Nice episode … Interesting … Keep writing …

  9. Tanq kathy..Sure

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