Vishkanya-A luvly Saga 03


Vishkanya-A Luvly Saga 03
Apu hugs Malay..Malay touches her face luvly.
“Sanam re” plays…
..It overcomes by a remix-smile tone.. frm Malay’s phone call

Malay takes “Bhaiyaa (Bro).. Ur assistant calls..Sorry Bro..Hw r u?”

Bro:”I’m fine.U?”
Malay:”fine bro..Anything Important?”
Bro:”Brought Apu to here.I want to meet her.”
Malay:”Bro..k Bro..C u ltr.”
Malay see Apu..
Malay said to Apu that Bro wants to meet her.
Apu requested Abi to take care of her mom.
N hold Malay’s hand..
Malay smiles n kissed her heart shaped locket..
Apu corrected her hair style.
Malay takes kajal n puts on her eyebrows…
Apu’s eyes showed him his music..
He finally put Tulsi’s thread on her neck..
Travel together n finally reached their place.
Malay asks his bro’s assistant whether his bro was coming.
“S Sir..Mohan Sir meets with some Industrialists..U go inside”
While walking ,Malay thinks of his 1st meeting with Apu..
Malay rides his bicycle in a park sees Apu comes with her mom..”Ma..See..Is this Sun?”her voice was different to Malay..

Hope u frndzz like tiz..n comment ur review..I think it is itz a small intro for Mohan

Credit to: HarSHaN

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  1. hey dr nice ….new twist :p quite confusing but gud…super pa 🙂

  2. Tanq athya.The twist comes at the a overcome of r-smile tone n Mohan is ..already u know I think☺Intros are finishing..Due to intro,Today is somewhat drain..The main Intro is Mohan n the twist will be revealed tom

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