Vishkanya- a love story intro and episode 1


Hi guys I’m sharaya you can call me Shaya if u want as that is my nickname I’m a 15years from chennai,tamil nadu I started watching vishkanya and now I love that show especially the leads are so cute
So I’m gonna write a fan fiction on vishkanya and this is my first fan fiction I never wrote any fan fiction on any other show hope you all like it and I have to say one thing that ranaji’s and nagma’s fan fiction are amazing and I love their fan fiction and they are great writers i will try my best to make this fan fiction nice okay I will stop my bak bak sorry if i bored you I’m a little chatter box so let’s see the intro


Apu- a sweet and innocent girl and she is a vishkanya but she thinks that her colour changes blue due to some allergy and heroin of our fan fiction and the show

Malay- a adventures and handsome boy returning to India after 10 years and have intrest of knowing about apu and he is the hero our fan fiction and the show

Tapur- apu’s sister she hates apu and has a crush on malay

Kalpana- mother of apu and tapur and want to take revenge of malay’s family

Malay’s mom(will you guys tell me the name of malay’s mom)- she hates apu and kalpana but she likes tapur

Abhi- cousin of malay and has a crush on tapur

Kumkum- an idiot and a comedypiece

(More characters i will introduce in my further episodes)

the episode starts a siting beside the window and singing her eyes are her eyes are brown and her pink lips are shown then her rosy cheeks are shown finnaly her face is shown she is our apu our heroin kalpana came to room and ask with a smile
Kalpana: apu what are you doing?
Apu: ma nothing I was just seeing out and singing
Kalpana: OK come and take bath in the neem water
Apu: okay ma
While kalpana is going out tapur ask
Tapur: why you always care for apu
Kalpana: because she is my daughter
Tapur: I’m also your daughter
Kalpana: I know so what
Tapur: care me like you care her
Kalpana says no and she left from that place
Tapur to herself: ma always care for that apu I’m also her daughter only na ? Why she is not caring me? I hate that apu I don’t know what black did she did to my mom
Apu hears it and comes to tapur and says
Apu: tapur why are you saying that u don’t like me and I didn’t do any black magic
Tapur: I didn’t I don’t like you but I said I hate you and she went somewhere apu is hurted by her words she went to take bath

Abhi and Malay are racing the cars abhi says
Abhi: if I win u have to do what I say .
Malay: sure but if I win u have to do what I say
They race the cars and abhi wins the race
Abhi: I won now u have to do what I say
Malay: tell me
Abhi: you to go inside that tapur’s house without seeing anybody and you have to take photo with tapur
Malay: sure
(Note: Malay don’t know who is tapur)

Precap- apulay meets

Sorry guys if this fan fiction is boring pls forgive me. How was the episode? Tell me If u want me to continue this fan fiction or not? and how is cover pic? i edited that pic
Okay bye,
Take care

Credit to: sharaya

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  1. Pls tell me if u like it or not and tell me if u like my style of writting

  2. Hi sharaya nice episode luv it … Good start dear keep going … Waiting for the next episode ?

    1. Thank you Kathy ?

  3. Thanks for the compliment dear…… Your ff is amazing. Wishing u best of luck. Plz continue.

    1. Your editing is soooo good. I loved ur cover pic and ff.

    2. Thank you nagma ?

  4. Awesome dear……and to everyone i’m Natasha i’m new here…….i live in chennai and i’m a tamilian……nice meeting u alll…..and name of malay’s mom is nanditha……pls continue???….luv ya ???

    1. Thank you Natasha romba nandri and welcome to vishkanya family

  5. And i frgot to say sharaya u have amazing writing skills dear……???❤❤

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  6. Meghna shanti

    Hi shaya
    Malay’ mom name is nandhita
    Awesome episode dear

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  7. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Shraya finally u wrote a ff!! Thnx

  8. Wow amazing shaya ,all the best plz continue it

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  9. wow nice ff…it doesn’t luk like ur writing for first time 🙂 ..ur cover pic also super …… kalakura shaya…..but one thing dialogue writing aah illama story eluduna inum nalla irukum dr …. dont mistake me pa just solanum tonuchu dr

    1. Thank you Akka ? and I will make the conversation less from the next episode

    2. Akka I don’t mistake you just feel free to comment positive and negative comments are most welcome

  10. shaya dr one help can u tell me how to upload photo in comment dp ….and also how to update our ff ….am not gonna write but jus simply want to know how 🙂

    1. For dp go to and become a member
      For updating a ff go to menu which right at the top and. Click submit your article and we can write a ff

  11. Editing cover n the way of story is nice..keep continue frnd

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  12. Amazing dr

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  13. Awesome sissy even I’m from chennai

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  14. Super episode

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  16. Alhamdulillah Super Sharaya
    plzz do continue it
    May ur FF reach more than 150 comments

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