Vishkanya ff – Jeet hogi pyaar ki (Part 3)


The episode starts with malay going out to temple. Apu sees him der nd says Malay. Malay sees her and rushes to her. Malay says apu do u remember this temple.? Apu replies yes. This is the place where we married. Malay says yeah but wen we will be 1? Apu replies until our parents accept us. It’s raining out side. Apu sees and goes into rain. Malay shouts and follows her. They both r in rain .apu starts dancing. Malay laughs and no one r around. Malay comes closer to her and move her hair front.

Apu gets shy. He keeps her zip. Then she reminds that her zip was open. Malay starts sneezing. Apu sees him and take him to guest house near Temple. He feels cold. Apu makes him lie on bed and puts a blanket on him. She too gets cold. Malay takes her and dey sleep. It’s mrng and apu reminisces about Vera. She wakes up Malay. They rush home. Vera fumes apu getting out of car wid Malay. She thinks she should concentrate on her mission for which she came to mittals mansion. Apu says Kaplan’s not available can I take bath in ur house..? Malay says cme fast. All gets angry CNG apu. Apu is dng bath . Suddenly she will turn into blue and apu shouts and says to Malay.nanditha was heading towards her room but Malay sees her and dies acting saying kumkum fell down.

Precap: apu f
Sees her dress missing . Vera pours gangajal on it unfortunately. She turns totally blue . She gets shocked

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