Vishkanya ff – Jeet hogi pyaar ki (Part 2)

Malay is shocked seeing apu. He rushes towards her house and climb her window. Malay says her that after a long time I’m CNG u… apu asks him who is Vera.? He replies saying Vera is just her frnd but she’s not hvng relatives so she came here. Apu hugs him and says I luv u and he replies I luv u too.

(Guys I won’t say how they met it’s a suspense)

Vera shouts in Malays room. He seer her and goes from der.. he asks Vera wat hppnd ? She replies I saw chipkali der. She shouts again and hugs him. Malay sees and says der is no chipkali and gets irritated. He pushes her and says when we r small u used to play with chipkali and apu.. now wat hppnd? She says now i hate them.. malay goes from der. Vera gets jealous.

Scene 2. On road

Vegetable seller is on road . Kalpana and nanditha too come der . The fume seeing each other. Kalpana says I won’t leave u nanditha . I made apu my weapon and she will do whatever I say even though I brought her from an Ashram. So she will obey my orders.. nanditha says wat ur speaking to yourself? Say to me also. Kalpana replies soon you will.

Scene 3 malay and apu

Malay and apu stare at each other from window. Vera enters and fumes. She keeps curtain and malay ask what is she doing? Vera replies she was just keeping curtain as dust is entering. Apu thinks y she is dng like dis. Screen freezes of veras angry face

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  1. Kathy

    Good episode Elsa…. Vera herself a chipkali n she is afraid of it..??? …. N she is so annoying… So Apu is adopted child… Excited for the next episode … Keep writing …

    1. Elsa

      Thanks sister for ur encourage

  2. nice episode….give more torture to that vera

  3. HarSHaN

    String of A triangle fight..Maybe It seems best if Apu wins here b4 vera..Hope It ‘ll come soon…

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