Vishkanya ff – Jeet hogi pyaar ki (Part 1)

Scene 1

The show starts with a bulging named Mittal mansion and a car arrives ther. A person is seen getting out of car .everyone of Mittal family I.e Nanditha and her brothers ( Madan nd sunder) , Kumkum and her husband.. They welcme the person by doing harthi. He bends down and touches her feet. Everyone smiles and she gives him blessings. They go inside.

Scene 2

A building is shown opposite of Mittal mansion.. It’s known as bhoothbadi. A window is shown in which a blue colour girl is staring and laughing seeing the boy. Just then her mother and dadi arrives to her and say ur enemy is in car . The girl laughs. They say it’s not yet amavasya. On amavasya everything will be according to our favour. They all laugh evilly .

Scene 3

the boy enters house and says Nanditha mamma its have been a long time seeing u. Nanditha smirks saying where is Vera cannon. The boy says oh no I left her in car and runs towards car. He opens the door and lifts her and take inside. They apologies her for being careless. She says its Ohk sasu maa.. Nanditha and Kumkum gossip about her fashion dress . Kumkum says she don’t have shame to wear such dress. Nanditha says shut up. Nanditha sends Vera to guest room nd the boy to his room.

Scene 3

The boy comes to his room nd open the window. The blue girl who turned to normal is in her room
near window. The boy is able to see her as their houses are opposite but their rooms r beside.. The boy is shocked to see girl and shouts apu.( her name ) . Apu sees him and says Malay and laughs. The screen freezes on Malays shocked face and Apus laughing face

Precap: Malay says to apu that Vera is just his frnd and came as a guest. Apu smirks. She says I luv u And hugs him. Malay hugs her tightly and says I luv u too.

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  1. Nandana

    nice episode i really like it is it vardaan is known as vera or anyother one? anyway the episode was been nice 🙂 😀

  2. Siddhi

    Awesome episode loved it very much

  3. Superb?

    1. But u told they all laughed evilly means hey pls atleast here don’t make apu as villian? pls……

    2. Elsa

      Apu has positive character

  4. Kathy

    Good start Elsa…. Who is vera… Is that chipkali…. I mean vardhaan…?…pls don’t make Apu… Negative character…keep writing… Good luck…

    1. Elsa

      Don’t worry Apus character is totally positive… Vera is chipkali… guys … but just name is changed

  5. nice ff elsa…keep it up!!!! put some more spices!!!

  6. HarSHaN

    Nycc Epi Elsa..They seems to be little one..gud strt..keep continue…

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