Vishkanya ff epi-9


Guys I have decided to end this ff soon becoz I am studying +2and I have decided to write other 3ff which I am writing hope u all understand my decision…

Apu cries.. Malay comes in and asks her wish! She tells no. She cooks up fake story about her family.. He cries. She tells him to leave from here.. She cries after he leaves.. Hamari aadhuri kahani plays… Manager comes there and asks kalpana where is apu? Kalpana signs the room. He goes there. Apu asks who is he? Manager tells I am u r lover. She gets scared and she scratches his face.. His body changes into blue.

Manager shouts and runs from there. Kalpana sees this and smiles and tells him to wait and holds his hand and locks him in the room and calls goons.. She smiles. Goons comes there and takes manager from there.. Apu sees through window.. Malay comes in and removes his shirt and breaks all things.. He cries.. She sees this and cries..

Apu calls Malay and tells him to come down.. He gets shocked and tells I will come. He comes down without wearing dress. She hides her face. He tells sorry and wears his dress.. He cries and tells I love u… Apu tells I need to tell u something imp to u. He tells her to say soon. She gets nervous and tells him to come to coffee shop tmr and I will tell there one more thing also.. Malay tells OK.. Apu tells if I tell that u will not accept me at any time. He smiles and tells I love u.. I will accept u if u are handicapped also. She gets amused and tells this is above all.. He stands clueless . Apu comes close to him and kisses on his cheeks and runs from there.. Malay jumps and dances with joy.. Kalpana sees this and gets happy..

Abhi tells now my route is clear. He calls tapur and tells her to come out. She comes out and asks what? He bends his knee and proposes her. With rose. Tapur gets shocked.. She tells u? He tells it is me abhi. She leaves and comes to her room and shuts it and sits near her bed and waits for her answer from her heart.

Tapur soul comes out and tells her to accept abhi. One more comes and tells pls don’t accept him.. Tapur tells them to stop it and comes out and tells abhi. I need to study but we can marry after my studies? He smiles and hugs her. Sajna plays…..

Precap:Malay waits for apu. Apu comes there in Red sari. He looks on her beauty. Apu comes there and she tells about her changing into blue and tells about manager and all.. He gets shocked………

Hope u all like it.. Pls wait and I will unite them and end this ff.. Sorry I thought of writing 50epi but less response and I am also studying +2na

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. NYC episode..continue yaar..ur way of telling is gud

  2. Art doesn’t need the count of audience even u r only audience of urself..bro..keep continue dude

  3. Bro..can u make my nxt epi of my written ff for 1 time? plz..unable to write for Comin bal finishin..

    1. sure i will write today eve for u ok???

  4. K bro..tanq ..tanq

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