Vishkanya ff epi-8


The episode starts with apu hides from others… Malay shouts and tells let us all dance and break floor.. Everyone smiles and starts dancing.. Everyone dances.. Suddenly one lady comes there.. Kalpana gets shocked.. She comes to her and tells her to go to store room and hide.. She tells no I came here to see that u are saying truth are not.. Apu tries to see her face. But kalpana tells I will show u video.. She leaves.. Apu misses to see her..

Malay dances with all girls.. In shaam shandaar plays… He comes near apu.. She gets nervous and holds her sari.. Malay asks her hand for dance.. She waits.. Kalpana pushes her and tells her to dance.. Malay and apu dances for Sanam re song.. Something falls on them… Nadhitha gets shocked to see garlands..

Malay tells her to wait for a minute. Malay comes to his mom and asks her whatever decision I take u will support me?? Nadhitha tells sure.. Becoz I trust u.. Malay comes and takes rose.. He bends down his knee infront of apu.. Kalpana records everything in video in mobile.. He proposes apu infront of alll…

Malay:I love u becoz I does not mean I love u more than me.. Becoz I love me more than others.. But for the first time I loved someone more than my life and me.. Kalpana smiles. Others gets irked. Nadhitha comes there and tries to take him.. But he stops her and takes her hand and asks for apu reply…

Apu leaves from there with tensed face.. Kalpana smiles. Apu comes to room and throws all things and sits down and cries.. She tells I can’t accept him becoz something will happen to him if he marry me.. She cries.

Kalpana comes to store room and shows video to that lady.. She smiles and tells kalpana do work good. She gives her gold chain.. Kalpana smiles.. Apu cries.. Tapur comes there and taunts her and leaves. Apu cries more…

Precap:Malay comes inside house.. Apu tells him I hate u.. Malay cries Hamari aadhuri kahani plays… He comes home and removes his shirt and breaks all things… Apu sees this through balcony and she also cries..

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Wow Finallay Malay proposed…. Good going narenran with suspense … Keep writing…. Waiting for the next episode …

  2. Super episode……eagerly waiting for next episode

  3. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Next epi on Monday sorry for inconvenience.. Sharaya and nagma pls post u r ff…pls pls

  4. Sarayu(honey)

    Malay, awww. The episode is really good

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