Vishkanya ff epi-7


Thi episode starts with Malay asks abhi some idea.. Abhi tells I don’t have any idea.. Malay tells then how u met tapur?? Abhi asks him how u know?? ?Malay shows voice recording near phone.. Abhi tells ohhh and cuts and throws and tells now what u will do?? Malay shows voice recording in his hands.. Abhi tries to take phone but he tells I have many copy of it so u need to help me now.. Abhi tells OK and sits down and thinks ideas..

Abhi gets up and tells tmr is u r birthday Na?? Malay tells yes.. Abhi tells let us invite them both… U get dress for apu and I will get for tapur.. Malay hugs him and tells nice idea and they comes to shop and searches for dress.Malay sees kalpana there and asks for help.. Kalpana selects dress.. Malay thnx her.. Kalpana asks for whom this dress?? Malay tells for my sister and his friend.. They both comes out and takes car and drives.

Kalpana comes to bank and asks for it.. Manager gives money and tells I need to marry apu.. Kalpana gets shocked,!! Kalpana smiles and tells him to come to her house today night.. She leaves. Manager smiles..

Malay comes to kalpana house and waits for kalpana
He gives dress to her and tells it is for apu and kalpana smiles seeing the Dress.. Abhi gives dress and tells this for tapur.. Kalpana smiles and takes it and kalpana calls both… Kalpana gives dress to apu and tells her to wear it.. Tapur comes there and sees prize and smiles.. She sees her dress 15k and apu dress is 13k and tells my dress is nice for the first time..

Kalpana thnx them and asks for why dress?? Malay tells tmr is my birthday pls come with u r family members… Kalpana smiles and tells sure I will come there…

Next day party starts Malay waits for apu. Nanditha tells Malay not to do which u did in past party . he agrees .. Malay was about to cut the cake but wind blows.. Apu comes there in Blue sari.. Malay smiles seeing her beauty kumkum and nandhitha smirks.. They both tells who called her?? Malay comes there and welcome her.. They both gets shocked. Abhi sees tapur in red sari and gets amused and kalpana also comes there.. Everyone praises apu beauty

Precap:Malay asks apu hand for dance…

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. awesome bhai really nice

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Vaishali I am writing rettai Vaal kuruvi ff pls see the link for 6th epi if u want further epi pls filter the name. And comment if possible..

  2. Wow ranaji amazing epi….eagarly waiting for next epi.?

  3. Where is bank managers part.. He is suppose to come in the night na it means it should happen before the party na…

  4. Am confused am sorry I don’t know whether I made mistake while reading … Nice episode though…?

    1. Yah I know ranaji I said “am confused” mean “I am confused …” U have good writing skill keep writing …

  5. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Sorry I forgot to mention he will come to kalpana house tmr night sorry and I am Narendran and not am

    1. I know it’s ranaji /narendran ?I said “am confused” means “I am confused” … Keep writing…

  6. I don’t know hindi much more.but i love to talk in hindi…ma thumara kahani bohooot pasand kartha hu.(i like ur story a lot). Ye sahi ha ya galat?

  7. It is a small try to talk in hindi if it is wrong i am sorry friends….

    1. I think Ayesha “kartha hu”for male n karthi hu for female ….

  8. Amazing ranaji bro and happy Tamil new year

  9. Nice episode and The precap is too good

  10. Thanks kathy i think ur’s my mistake…?

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