Vishkanya ff epi-6

The episode starts with kalpana asks for loan in bank!! They asks her for what purpose?? She tells for my daughter marriage! They tells it is good to see people get loan for her daughter marriage.. They all smiles and tells her to fill this form and tells her to meet manager becoz he will finish final loan…. Kalpana comes there and sees him and tells about her matter. He tells her to come after 3days.. Kalpana thnx him and leaves from there..manager calls guards and tells them to call kalpana.. She comes in and asks what?? He asks u r daughter name is apu right?? She tells yes…

He asks her I need to get married to apu!! She gets shocked and asks what nonsense?? He tells I love her… Kalpana gets shocked and it is a dream… Kalpana comes in and asks what?? Manager tells nothing sorry .. Kalpana leaves from there manager tells I need apu anyway….. Kalpana comes there and shouts tapur.. She comes there… Kalpana tells her I have got money for u and gives her money.. Tapur wonders and thnx….

Tapur leaves from there.. Apu and dida comes there.
They asks where u got this money?? Kalpana asks dida not to question her anymore. Kalpana goes to her room and locks the door and thinks about her revenge and smiles…

Apu comes to her room and gets ready and comes out and sees Malay.. He comes near her and tries to kiss her but she moves her hand.. He comes near her and holds her hand and puts ring on her hand kisses on her head and tells I love u and it is turned to be Malay dream.. He smiles and thinks I love her.. He smiles and comes to mirror he sees apu face there.. He tries to touch it but it disappeares..

Malay comes down and holds nanditha hand and asks her if I see u everywhere means what is the meaning mom?? She tells this means u love that person more than u.. She smiles and tells I know u love me a lot..

Malay comes to his room and again sees apu and tries to speak to her but disappeares.. He smiles and speaks to mirror and proposes it.. It is not nice… Abhi comes there.. Malay tells him to wait and bends his knees and proposes him.. He asks for whom?? Malay tells apu.. Abhi tells what?? Nonsense I will not leave u out.. Malay pleads him.. Abhi tells no.. Malal tells then I will tell everyone that u spoke to tapur.. Abhi blushes and tells him to help him so that I will also help u they both hi fi and tells now we both should get ready.

Precap:Abhi and Malay comes to kalpana house and gives gifts and tells tmr is Malay birthday so u should come and Malay tells this is spl dress for apu pls make her wear and bring her.. Kalpana agrees

Credit to: Narendran


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