Vishkanya ff epi-5


The episode starts with Apu tells him to stay away.. Malay tries to come close but she shouts cockroach.. He jumps on bed and shouts and tells anyone to save him… Kalpana hears voice and comes out of door.. Apu smiles and tells u are afraid..
Kalpana comes and knocks the door.. Malay tries to come out and but he slips and falls on apu lap.. They both share an eyelock… Allah warriyan plays .. She tells him to go how he came.. He opens the door.. Kalpana smiles and tells Hi. To leave.. Malay leaves from there… Apu asks her why u sent him here?? Kalpana tells he told that he wants to meet u so only I sent him..

Apu tells OK and sleeps.. Kalpana smiles..she comes t store room and locks it and tells this time apu is correct for my revenge and my plan is going correct… Tapur comes there and tells apu to stay away from Malay.. Apu tells I did not do anything.. She leaves apu is confused.. Malay comes home inside and sleeps on bed abhi gets up and sees him and sleeps again.. Malay remembers his moments with apu and smiles Sanam re plays..

Apu gets ready in mrng and prays to God and sings song.. Malay hears it and comes out and signs here.. Apu also signs but stops at once..she goes inside… Apu tells why he is showing hands to me??she scolds her.. Kalpana sees her and asks what happened?? Shall we go to hospital for check up?? Apu tells maaaa… Kalpana and tapur smiles… Tapur tells we should go tmr..

Malay comes to Hall and sits on table and tells nanditha to brings breakfast.. She gives it to him..he eats and tells superb and tells her today I need to go out.. He pleads her.. She tells him to come soon and tells him to take abhi also with u.. Malay smiles and tells sure. He takes him and sits on car and tells let us go..

Apu tells kalpana I will go out for sometime and come.. Kalpana tells sure.. Apu comes out and sees car coming fast and stops there.. Malay shouts nonsense and comes out and sees her and gets amused he tells sorry and touches her and asks do u get any injury?? She tells no and tells him to take hand.. He takes it..

Kalpana sees this and tells now revenge is over I think becoz now I should get ready for apu marriage and thinks now I should arrange money also and comes to bank to ask loan.. They tells OK pls fill this form


Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Gud Episode n Suspense as precap..Nice

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