Vishkanya ff epi-4


The episode starts with malay speaks to apu and jokes…Apu tells i can’t identify u..he tells dance and job and marriage..she tells u??He tells it is me malay..she was about to cut call but kalpana takes it and tells malay to call after some time…Apu tells her not to force her..she asks about rabbit?? kalpana tells it is in hospital…apu smiles and tells her to bring soon to our house…Kalpana agrees and they both leaves from there..Tapur sees it and comes to phone and takes malay number and comes to room and tells today i will speak to him.,.

She calls abhi takes it..tapur flirts with him thinking as malay..Abhi thinks this girl voice is sooo cute and tells her to come to park tmr at 5.00pm so that we can meet..

Tapur agrees happily..she comes out and smirks at apu and comes to hall and dances….Apu tells kalpana that from today i won’t go out of room..she tries to convince her..but apu tells pls don’t force.. me she comes out and keeps lock in chair and comes to store room..

She goes inside and the door and sees her parents pic and smiles..she tells i won’t spare malay family and i will kill everyooone using apu and i will kill her also…She smiles

Tapur gets ready in the evening…….Malay comes out and sees wall and jumps inside and sees nobody is there and tries to come in but kalpana comes there and tells him to come in main gate itself…..He smiles and comes inside..

Tapur goes out malay comes in both does not see each other..tapur comes to park and waits..abhi comes there and calls him..She gets shocked and tells u??he also tells u??

They both starts fighting suddenly she slips..he holds her Sajne plays…Flowers fall on them both..abhi smiles at her..Tapur tells him to leave her..he puts her down..she gets up in pain and scolds him and leaves..Abhi smiles at her..He thinks what happened?? to me?

Malay comes inside apu room and locks it.he comes near apu and cares her face and sits near her while apu is sleeping…..

He takes her hand and keeps on his hand and kisses on her hand without knowing.Apu gets up and tries to shout but he keeps his hand on her mouth and tells her to keep quiet,,,

Tapur comes to home angrily and goes inside room and hears malay voice and sees all room….Apu signs him to take hand..But he does not..Zehnaseeb plays……Apu takes her hand but stops at once recalling past things happened to malay..

Precap: Malay gets up but slips and falls on apu lap both share an eyelock..Allah warriyan plays..Tapur sees it and smirks…Kalpana sees it and tells now my half revenge is complete soon i will kill everyone in malay family…..she smiles evilly

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Meghna shanti

    It’s awesome

  2. Wow mashallah, so nice naren , loved ?apulay scene , and so sad for ta??

  3. Yaar that misunderstanding scene was supeb…

  4. Gud.NYC episode ranaji

  5. Wow mashallah , what an epi nice naren awesome apulay scene , keep going

  6. Oh wow very nice,uff hate this kalpana

  7. wow bro really superb!!!!! tapur abi scene was really funny and cute ans apulay scene was awesome luved it ……eagerly waiting for upcoming episodes :)…..

  8. Super bro this episode is amazing I loved the scene where tapur talks to abhi thinking he is abhi lol ????

  9. Amazing narendran ? i like the way of ur writing.?

  10. Hi friends today i come to know that when i wss in my mothers stomach at sixth month my heartbeat were not working so they considered me dead but when my parents did checkup again at that time i got it not a miracle?

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