Vishkanya ff epi-35


The episode starts with Apu keeps hand on Malay hand and holds it tightly.. Malay opens his eyes slowly and smiles at her.. She gets surprised.. He signs her to make him sit. She also makes him sit. He asks her why she is fear that she will lose him? She keeps hand on his mouth and tells him not to speak like this anymore. He nods his head. Apu smiles..

Nandhitha comes there and gives juice and tells apu to take care of Malay.. She tells him also to take care and leaves from there.. Malay waits for someone.. Abhi and tapur comes there.. Malay smiles and calls abhi and tells him to sit near him.. Apu calls out tapur. She sits near apu..

Malay gets tired and sleeps.. Apu tells him to sleep and I will come back soon. She comes to kalpana house.. Veiled man talks to someone on phone.. He tells I will destroy this family.. He calls himself as yug the genious.! Apu gets shocked. She was about to catch him but leaves from there and comes to room and hugs kalpana.. Which makes apu super shocked!!

Apu comes back and sits near Malay.. She tells about yug.. He tells her to be careful.. Someone opens balcony door slowly apu sees this and checks who.!! Suddenly she gets locked.. Malay gets up from bed and tries to open but fails.. Malay breaks it and brings her inside..

Precap: Apu tells Kalpana about yug..

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Very nice naren……….

  2. keep writting NAREN bro

  3. Good episode naren… So yug has come to destroy the family… Waiting for the next episode … Eagerly ..

  4. Gud epi..Suspense revealed finally..keep writing dude

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