Vishkanya ff epi-34


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The episode starts with Malay and apu comes to room and sits on bed. Malay asks her to massage his head and leg! She asks me? He tells then anyone is here? She laughs and comes near him.. He asks what r u doing? She tells nothing and keeps her hand on his lips.. He smiles and tries to bite but she moves.. He asks what? She smiles and runs down.. Malay also follows her.. Apu falls down.. Malay comes there and gets concerned.. He blows air on her leg.. She smiles.. Ishqwala love plays.. She thinks when Malay comes to know about my real face what he will think about me?

He asks did u say something? She denies.. She keeps hand on her cheeks and sees him.. He asks I am showing circus???He smiles.. She tells not like real.. But little good. He tells u? She runs.. He tells then u was acting.. He tries to catch her but hides behind pillar. He tells I will close my eyes if u does not come then.. Nanditha comes there and stands infront her. He opens his eyes and tells maa?? He stammers..

She laughs and tells him to keep this in his room itself. He smiled.. Apu comes there and tells sorry to her. Malay sees time and tells I need to sleep fast.. Becoz tmr first day in my office! He smiles at apu. She also smiles back.. Nanditha comes to room and sits near harshavardhan.. She tells I need to tell u something.. She tells apu and Malay are made for each other. They are the best couple. Apu over hears it and tells this is correct time. Then only no one will get doubt on me.

Apu comes out and sees veiled man going.. She comes to kalpana house and asks.. Her who is that man. Kalpana gets tensed and tells he is my old friend.. Apu tells OK..she tells my plan is working full.. Malay sits on chair.. Suddenly someone comes infront of him and disappears.. He gets afraid and shouts for apu.. Slowly door closes..

Malay gets slap left and right.. From ghost.. Ghost throws him near door.. From which.. His head gets hurt.. Apu comes there and sees his state and gets shocked.. She shouts for others.. All comes there and all doc.. He comes there and tells he is alright. But his head was injured.. Apu tells I will take care.. All leaves. Apu keeps hand on his head and looks at him sadly.. Sad song plays.. Her tears was about to fell on his head.. But she keeps hand.

Precap: Malay gets up from bed and smiles seeing apu.. He hugs her.. On the other hand.. Apu comes to know about Veiled man and gets shocked..

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Wow good episode pls continue.

  2. Y sorry yaar… Enjoyed apulay moments a lot … Specially Malays stammering part?? very funny…

  3. OMG!!! Ghost … New twist on story… Excited for the next episode …

  4. Nyc epi dude..keep continue

  5. loved the ishqwala love track….thanks for adding it!!!

  6. nice i m silent reader of ur ff

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