Vishkanya ff epi-33


The episode starts with Apu pours water on Malay face. But he does not respond.. She tells I will also die.. She takes knife.. Malay does not respond.. She tells u knew that if I kill them more than three times.. I will die.. She tells I will stab myself.. She stabs herself.. Malay slowly opens his eyes and sees this and gets shocked..he asks what u have done? He cries and hugs her and throws it away.. He cries.. Malay tells her not to do like this one more time. Apu tells him not to act like this! He agrees and hugs her.. Sanam re plays.. Nanditha comes there and sees this and smiles… She sees blood in knife and gets shocked..

She comes there and asks what happened? Malay and apu stammers.. She tells them to say the truth..!! Malay tells I killed rat with it? nandhtiha takes vomit and tells them to clean it and comes back soon.. Malay and apu sees each other. Malay tells apu to clean and sits on chair and tells her to clean soon??She tells me? He tells then me? Yes replies apu.. Malay tells u are talking against husband. She tells if u speak against me then u will get food??He tells sorry sorry I will clean.

Malay cleans it and smirks . she asks what r u saying? He tells nothing madam??Malay cleans it and asks apu u will pay for this one day for sure. Apu tells really;!!! I am waiting!!! He smiles and tells her let us go up.. They both comes to room. Apu keeps leg on bed and cleans her nails.. Malay asks her to clean his also! She tells him to show it.. He shows..

Apu tells it is soo clean like u r hand.??She tells such a worst!! He tells u.? He runs behind her and tries to beat her but she falls down.. He asks what happened? She tells nothing and beats her… He tells this is cheating.. She tells it is fair in love and war..

Malay stops all at once and tells if I kiss u also then I will not die!! She stands quiet and thinks about it deeply and smiles at him and hugs him.. Siye re plays.. She smiles at him and they both share an kiss??????????

Precap:Apu sees veiled man going out if house and comes to kalpana and asks about man? Kalpana gets tensed..

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  1. good one

  2. Wow naren… Tnx a lot for the lovely apulay moments..???

  3. Uff who’s this veil man yaar… When ur going to unveil this??? Waitnggggggg ?? excited for the next episode ….keep on writing…

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