Vishkanya ff epi-32

The episode starts with Malay and apu enjoys it.. Later they both packs their bag and calls narendran.. He comes there and brings him to airport and sends them off.. Malay and apu comes back to mittai mansion and shouts for kalpana.. She does not comes out.. Then apu shouts nanditha.. She opens and welcomes them.. Apu and Malay comes inside and sits on sofa.

Apu tells I will bring tea to u all.. Nanditha stops her and tells I will bring and she leaves from there.. Apu smiles..Malay holds apu hand. And asks her what she wants? Apu asks what? He tells nothing and leaves from there.. Apu follows him and comes to room. She asks what is here? She tells smiles.. Malay tells my fav things.. He shows her the toys which he used to play when he was small.. He tells now I does not have time or I will play with this..

Malay tells one more and I have got a job in big company from tmr.. I am leaving.. 1,00,000salary..!! Apu smiles and tells so this time I need to kill all others.. Malay asks did u say anything? She tells nothing and congrats him.

He asks any gift? She asks what? He tells I got a job and gonna work.. She wishes him best of luck.. He pushes her closer.. Allah warriyan plays.. Apu asks what r u doing? Malay tells what is need that only.. He moves her hair.Malay smiles.. Apu tensedly tries to leave but he holds her hand and tells today I need to kiss u.. She tells no pls don’t risk.. He kisses on her head and hands.. She tells him to stop..

He falls down unconscious.. Apu gets shocked.. Kalpana holds veiled man shoulder and removes his shirt and tells him to have wine.. He haves it and hears dadi coming and he leaves from there..

Precap: Apu pours water on Malay face. He does not respond.

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. OMG!!! Precap… Hope Malay is fine…

  2. Good episode naren… Enjoyed it… Who is this veiled man… Hope u reveal the suspense soon… Keep writing…

  3. what happened to malay??????

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