Vishkanya ff epi-31

The episode starts with Apu calls Malay.. Malay comes there and hugs her and tells about incident. Apu hugs him and tells if anything would have happened to u? Then I will not live anymore in this world!! He keeps hand on her mouth siye re plays.. Malay tells her not to speak anymore like this.. He asks promise! She promises.. Him.. He smiles.. He tells we are going out today.. She asks where? He tells suspense. She tells OK and gets ready.. Rufina,narendran,kathy,shai,ooshi,siddhi comes there and asks Malay r u ready? Malay tells me always ready but apu drama queen she needs some time??She comes out and pinches him.. He tells ooocchhh.. Malay asks let us go? Apu nods her head..

Kathy brings aou aside and tells her to be careful and she leaves.. Narendran takes Malay aside and wishes him best of luck and leaves from there running.. Shai comes to Malay and hugs him and wishes him best of luck!! She also leaves.. Ooshi thnx apu and tells her to take care of Malay and she also leaves from there..

Rufina tells Malay that if u want any help pls call me!! She gives number to him and leaves from there.. Apu asks why they came and why they left? Malay tells me too don’t know??? Malay tells let us go inside.. Apu keeps leg on carpet rose petals falls on her.. She smiles and dances. Allah warriyan plays… Malay comes to other side and dances for palat song… She smiles..

Malay brings her near swing and makes her sit and pushes it.. She enjoys it.. Malay then brings her to table and makes her sit.. Apu asks him how did u know their plan? He tells I only helped them. She smiles.. He serves her food.. She tells him to feed inspite of serving her.. He smiles.. Title track plays..he feeds her food.

Apu also feeds him food. He smiles.. He asks her hand for dance.. She gives and they both dance intimately.. Allah warriyan plays.. She hugs him and cups his face and smiles..

Precap:Apu and Malay comes back to mittai mansion. Veiled man comes to kalpana house..

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Wow Shai… U hugged Malay…??? rufina dear… U gave ur num… Hmm wish I could give him too..??????

    1. yeah I HUGGED MALAY!!!!! thanx for that part naren

  2. Enjoy today’s episode well… Luv it…. Excited for the precap… Who’s this veiled man yaar..????

  3. Sema..diff..keep continue

  4. Finally I m missing in the story dude..?

  5. wow enjoyed the experience of hugging malay 😉

  6. so apulay back in the drama world(mittal house)…excited for it

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