Vishkanya ff epi-28

The episode starts with Apu and Malay comes to lake and gets into boat..he peddles it..she sees nature and smiles.. He asks her also to join!! She tells no I will not.. He asks what? He stands on boat.. She shouts.. Boat sides one side.. Malay and apu sits there.. She smiles and they both peddles boat.. Rufina and narendran sees this and smiles..
Rufina calls her friend siddhi and tells about vishkanya team.. Siddhi comes there and tells I have already saw her.. Rufina asks what? She tells they are staying in my hotel.. She smiles.. Narendran asks them both.. What r u studying? Rufina tells 10th std.. Narendran asks 10? Smaller than me?? She tells u are smaller than me and shows height?
Apu and Malay comes there and tells narendran to take them back to room.. Narendran tells rufina and siddhi to move and takes them to room..

Siddhi comes there and sees Malay and tells u are handsome and tries to take pic.. Apu stops her and tells he is mine and not others.. Siddhi pleads her.. Apu tells I was joking.. Siddhi keeps hand on Malay shoulder.. Apu sees this and stares Malay.. He moves siddhi hand in fear…
Apu asks her did she? Siddhi tells yes.. Apu takes Malay to room and locks door. He asks what happened? She throws him in bed. She pushes him down.. He tries to get up but she pushes him down. She asks what r u thinking? Standing close to her and keeping hand? He tells u knew that I love u.. She tells I knew.. Siye plays.. Suddenly he pulls her closer.. Rose petals falls on them.. She smiles..

He gives her headset and tells her to hear songs and he leaves inside.. Malay opens tap blood comes out of it.. He gets shocked.. He shouts apu name.. But she was hearing song.. Door closes slowly.. Hair comes out of it..He gets afraid and falls down.. Apu comes there and throws water on his face and asks what? He tells everything.. She tells nothing like that and hugs him…

Precap:In late night.. Apu walks on road.. Car hits her.. Malay gets up from bed it is dream.. But he does not find apu.. He sees her in balcony and comes and turns her.. Some black bird comes there and hits on his nose.. He falls down.. Apu comes out of washroom.. He turns and sees another apu missing and gets shocked..

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. first one to comment!!!

    1. Yes Shai… ??

  2. siddhi!!! you have a hotel!!! Next time we arrive then give us free suites!!!

    1. Am joining too… Shai…

  3. naren!! you are really going well…i just loved the spooky part..this was the reason i started watching vishkanya!!!make it more intense with details..Way to go RANAJI!!!

  4. lucky one siddhi…you got a selfie with malay.
    But what about naren and rufina??

    1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      ???last epi itself I am and rufina took selfie..

      1. gud job 😛

    2. Yeah I am very lucky

  5. Wow siddhi u made Apu jealous …??

  6. Oh naren.. I laughed a lot while read..???? so funny… Happy that all joining with apulay…

  7. Luv today’s episode naren… Keep on writing n entertained us as always u do… May god bless u…

  8. Oh precap… With suspense…??

    1. that’s the high point

  9. BTW..when r u going to post the next epi

    1. Shai what’s is BTW… I coudnt figure out it…

      1. it means ‘by the way’

      2. Tnx Shai….

    2. I have seen u have use this word in few places …

  10. Actually for few days I didn’t read any ff due to some fight with my parents…i just kept commenting in vishkanya page….yesterday Kathy di asked whether i read bro’s ff n said u r in the story..i didn’t get that….suddenly I just got the meaning n read the ff n was like I read it wrongly n kept reading it for 5 times n believed…but it was funny…i think bro u r short??? Any ways ur bro ur writting is great n loved the part when apu got jealous….

    1. Hope u enjoy ur part … Hope u make up with ur patents. Dear…… We often fight with our parents because they’re the ones who’ll love us no matter how many times we tell them they’re unfair or mean or totally don’t get it. take a moment to appreciate all the things you tend to take for granted From ur parents…. Always remember they loves u…

      1. Am telling u this as a elder sister…. Pls don’t mind dear…?? I wish always good to my family …take care

    2. I only Jealousy Apu

    3. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      I am not short..I made it for some humour..

  11. Hi bro after long time reading ur ff n it was to gud n run ur character Z Good bro run Z not too taller she will b short only K ya so don’t fight in ff

  12. N run I read job ff so don’t send da nite team and solrn

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