Vishkanya ff epi-27

Guys with much difficulty I am posting this ff epi.. Pls pls comment.

The episode starts with Apu smiles and tells Malay.. Pls hide her also there.. Malay slaps her and asks her what she thinks of? Apu tells she will tell my truth to all.. Malay stops at once and tells sorry… I am hyper.. He keeps hand on his ears and puts sit-ups.. He takes her hand and sees it is reddish.. She tells it is OK.. He takes something but stops and. Sees it disapperas.. He hugs her and hides vardhaan under cot.. Malay in night comes down and opens his car dicky and throws her body inside… Apu also comes there..nandhitha tells them to be careful.. Malay tells we are going to ooty only.. She smiles and bids bye to her.

Malay and apu comes near same place and digs and throws vardhaan body.. Malay cries.. Apu smiles and hugs him.. He tells I am doing this for u.. Apu tells I knew.. Siye plays.. Apu and. Malay comes to airport and gets into flight.. Malay face is sweating. Apu cleans it and smiles.. She tells him to be normal and stress free.

Malay and apu comes to Coimbatore airport and gets into car. Rufina comes there and greets Malay and apu and asks for selfie.. They both see her and tells yes.. She takes selfie.. With them… Narendran sits on car and sees Malay and apu and asks for autograph and selfie.. They posses them..

Malay and apu reaches ooty.. Narendran tells I will be waiting for u.. Tell me when u will go back? Malay tells we will tell u.. Narendran smiles and goes to stand and waits for another customer.. Malay and apu comes to room and sees each other and smiles..Malay runs.. Apu also runs.. Malay touches bed first.. Apu tells u only always why not me? Malay tells sure.. But better luck next time..

Malay calls narendran tells him to come to hotel and tells him to take to lake.. For boating.. Narendran agrees and comes there and takes them.. Narendran asks apu r u vishkanya? Apu nods.. He tells Saw on TV??i am big fan of u r show.. Apu and Malay smiles..

Precap:Apu and Malay share some sweet moments.. Malay comes to bathroom and opens tap.. Blood comes out of it.. Suddenly bathroom door closes.. He shouts for apu.. But apu was hearing songs in headset..

Get ready for more spice soon.. Bye guys.. Kathy tell me u r name? I am add it.. Rufina and my name is imp in this ff.. Kathy,siddhi,shai, and ooshi pls share name.. So that I. Can add u r name in imp role.. Bye guys.. Next epi on Sunday..

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. My real name is Siddhi only and by the way very nice and funny episode.

  2. While am reading I surprised when rufina name come I thought I made mistake by reading so I read again that line?? am so surprised yaar… Oh naren I laugh a lot thinking out that…?? hmm u came too haa…. Luckily u didn’t kiss Apu… ???

  3. I always enjoy ur writing naren… Tnx yaar… Oh.. My colleagues are wonder what am doing here…. am laughing like nothing….????????

  4. Apulay are behaving like kids … Running to touch bed first… Oh if Malay touches first means…. Apu will sleep on couch … ??

  5. Oh no what will happen to our poor Malay he is stuck… ?? over all very funny episode… As always I like Malays love over Apu… He is just amazing… By the way my name is katheeja….

    1. it’s a really sweet name…and uncommon tooo…

  6. nice episode…..loved urs and rufina’s track 🙂

  7. BTW…my name is nelofer….but you can just use it is my popular name..
    waiting for what character will you give me…(P.S-make it interesting…supernatural would do 😉 …only a request)

    1. Oh Shai ??

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