Vishkanya ff epi-26


The episode starts with Apu smiles and hugs Malay.. Malay also sees her. Vardhaan tells Malay to come with her now.. Malay goes with vardhaan.. Apu smiles and wishes him best of luck.. Apu sits on bed with relieved .. Vardhaan asks many cross questions.. But fails.. Malay answers correctly?.. Vardhaan tells him to go and cries.. Apu comes there and gives kerchief and tells her to clean her nose.. Apu smiles and leaves from there with Malay..

Vardhaan tells I knew u only killed chitali,kumkum,rasik,vishal and his wife.. I will bring truth out.asap. she smiles.. Apu and Malay comes to house and sees each other with big smiley.. Kalpana comes there and asks apu what happened? Apu tells nothing and tells vardhaan got big tube light.. Kalpana smiles.. But stops and asks herself.. She scolded me then why I am supporting her? Kalpana I need to take revenge from nanditha ASAP.. So I need apu.. Apu shows her hand.. Kalpana comes back to real world and asks what? Nanditha comes there and smirks seeing kalpana and her after marriage u r daughter is mine.. So u no need to worry I will take care of her.

Kalpana smiles and thnx. Her and leaves to house.. Malay brings apu to room. Apu holds his shirt lovingly and removes his shirt.. He asks her what r u doing? She tells just making u take bath.. He tells but? She tells him I have glouse.. She wears it.. Malay and apu in bathroom sees each other.. Malay smiles and gets into tub and throws water on apu.. It literally burns.. she gets worried. He cheers her up and she pours water on his body and smiles..

She takes soap and makes him bath.. He smiles and he keeps her beard on her shoulder.. She asks what r u doing? He tells romancing with my wife.. He smiles.. She gets amused and laughs..vardhaan comes to nanditha house and asks for apu and Malay.. She comes up and knocks their door. Apu and Malay comes out.. Malay wears towel. Apu asks who r u?

Vardhaan tells it is me. Apu hides Malay from her and speaks.. Vardhaan tells I need to speak to Malay.. Apu tells no.. Vardhaan pushes her. Apu falls down and she gets hurt. Malay gets shocked and comes to her and wakes her.. Vardhaan touches Malay. Apu gets irked and scratches her and kills vardhaan.. Malay gets shocked..


Guys next epi on next Sunday.. Bye.

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Neheeeeee…. Nooooooo …. I should wait till Sunday …??

    1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      Hey.. Kathy..

  2. Luv today’s episode … apu u so romantic…. One more precap with suspenses ….

  3. Vardhaan … So shameless … Y she is after Malay… Hate her… Finally … She was killed… Atlease here.. Happy ??

  4. nice episode

  5. Naren how I am gonna spend this week days without ff yaar… Moreover with the suspense .???… Reading ff Is a habit to me…now…???

  6. Nice epi but we have to wait till Next sundy

    1. Hi tabassum pls comment on our vishkanya page as well dear…

  7. I am so.happy that vaada an is dead….awesome epi…

  8. Very good update.I like this ff very much.

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