Vishkanya ff epi-25


The episode starts with Apu and nanditha have some talk.. Kalpana sees this gets frustrated and annoyed.. While Apu sees her and gets distraught..Kalpana leaves from there and comes to house and breaks things and comes to store room and sees her sister and falls down and cries.. Apu comes there kalpana jerks her and tells her to stay away.. Apu tells her plan and tells I need to act good and I was the one who killed rasik. Kalpana gets shocked and hugs her.. Chitali hears this and gets distraught… Apu smiles and hugs kalpana… Chitali comes back to house and thinks about this walks.towards the house.. Suddenly car comes and hits her.. She falls down and gets hurt on her head.. Apu smiles and comes out of car and shouts for help.. Malay asks her what she has done? Apu cries and tells I have drived the car.. Mistakenly it has hitted her. Malay takes her to hospital.. Doctor checks and tells she is dead. Malay gets tensed. Apu cries and tells now police will arrest me!! Malay tells wait I have. A plan.. Malay throws her in car dicky and brings her to mayanam and fires her body and comes with Apu to house and smiles

Malay and apu comes to room and sits on bed.. While Malay is shocked. Apu recalls how she saw chitali on time and killed her purposefully.. She hugs Malay.. He tells I will not even touched any girls other than u.first time I buried a body??for u.. Malay hugs her back..

Apu tells now Malay loves me alot.. So with this I have to kill harshavardhan ASAP.. She smiles and kisses on flower.. It. Burns she smiles and thinks now my next revenge is ready.. Vardhaan comes to their house and asks about chitali to all.. Apu tells we all don’t know and speaks boldly much to vardhaan surprise.. She gets shocked and comes out and thinks.. Apu is so clever that she did not speak tensedly.. Or nothing.. Apu comes out and laughs seeing her talking to herself.?????????

Malay comes out and tells apu let us go out.. Vardhaan tells so Malay is the way I can bring truth out and smiles.. Apu and Malay tries to leave but vardhaan tells I need to enquire Malay.. Apu gets shocked and falls down.. Malay takes her to hospital.. Apu warns Malay to be careful.. She can bring truth out anyhow.. Pls be careful.. Malay holds her hand tells sure I won’t be fooled becoz u are the one fool me always??He laughs.. She smiles they share an eyelock.. Sanam re plays..

Precap:Vardhaan enquires Malay. She gets big bulb and tube light.?Vardhaan plan failed again.. Malay and apu comes to resort near Ooty…

Hope u all liked it so next epi will be on next Sunday.. Bye. Guys 25epi!!! Completed without u this is not possible.. Kathy thnx for u r support and rufina,shai and ooshi and siddhi..

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  1. Naren will support u always… Wow…. Malay what u have done to Apu is out of this world … Coudnt even imagin… ??

  2. Poor vardhaan … All her attempt got fail… I laugh a lot thinking of big n tube bulbs…..???? wow apulay are in ooty…. I luv ooooootttyyyy???

  3. Excited for the next episode… May almighty bless u always ….

  4. Oh will have to wait till Sunday…. ??

  5. nice episode

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