Vishkanya ff epi-24

The episode starts with Kalpana calls apu and tells her to come to house asap.Apu agrees and tells chitali i have work and leaves from there..Chitali tells nandhitha i think apu is main point for all problems and death..chitali tells her to speak..Nandhitha tells her to shut up she is my bahu..u r kumkum relative so i am respecting u..anyother person was here then i would have killed them..she gets shocked and comes out and thinks i knew she will die soon..she leaves from there..Apu comes there and asks kalpana what happened?she slaps her and asks what is going on her mind?apu tells nothing..kalpana tells then what u did yesterday night with malay?Apu gets tensed..kalpana tells i signed u eventhough u kissed him and slept with him.Apu tells he is my husband mind u r words..kalpana tells u r taking revenge then what was the need to sleep with him?Apu tells that is it no more words u should speak about malay..kalpana raises her hand but this time.apu holds hand and tells i am not same old apu..kalpana asks then what about u r mom revenge?Apu tells that will happen but other mittai family..only 3more..but i am malay will live together for life long..

Kalpana asks have u gone mad?apu tells yes i am crazy for malay…kalpana tells how vishkanya and normal man can live together..she tells i will live with me..he itself does not have problem then why u?kalpana takes her to mother room and shows her..apu falls on her leg and tells i love u mom but more than that i love ,malay..i can’t live without him right now..kalpana taunts apu..apu leaves from there crying and comes inside house and goes to room.malay sees her crying and comes there and asks her what happened?apu tells nothing..he tells her to say..she comes close and keeps head on his lap and tells i miss my mother..he asks what?kalpana is u r mom?Apu tells no my real mom cannot move also..she is in my house..he gets shocked and asks what?

Apu tells yes..she tells him everything and tells him we can meet my mom soon..but kalpana should not be there..she feels guilty for it..he tells sure..he hugs her..apu smiles and thinks i told wrong info to him..when he comes to know real truth he will hurt himself alot..she cries..before her tears feel on malay shirt she moves away and cleans her tears and smiles..malay smiles and pulls her closer..rose petals falls on them…Nandhitha tells chitali to come inside and have dinner..she comes there and takes plate and leaves to room..apu smiles at her and thnx her for supporting her..nandhitha tells no problem..

Precap: Malay keeps file on sofa and tells apu i have work so u sleep on bed..i will come there..she tells but?he tells i will eat u sleep and i will also sleep..their knok jhok fight starts.

Sorry for short epi will be big after that weekly all 6 ff will be updated!!sorry after this sunday..regular update of all my ff will be stopped..whenever i find time i will update or every sunday..bye guys take care


  1. Kathy

    Nice episode naren… How dare kalapana slap out Apu… I enjoy the momen when Apu hold her hand…??? luv it… She replied very well…

  2. Kathy

    Oh Malay… He is so caring… This chitali really irritates me… Excited for the next episode … Keep writing…?

  3. shai

    hey you really must sent ur episodes to the vishkanya writers…they are out of their minds….ur ff will help them to be back on track…otherwise can’t tolerate this chipkali

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Your comment will now be reviewed first before it's published. Read more here..