Vishkanya ff epi-23


Thnx guys keep commenting….???guys imp note.

The episode starts with apu and Malay share some intimate moments…. Next day.. Malay gets up from bed and smiles at apu.. Apu gets up and smiles.. He takes dress and wears it.. Apu smiles and comes close. He asks what? She tells nothing my boy and pulls him closer and removes shirt again.. He asks her what r u doing? She tells nothing and throws the dress. He asks what Happened? It is my fav Dress.. Apu tells vardhaan touched it.. He asks so what? Apu tells I have brought something for u.. He asks what? She shows dress. He gets happy and asks for me?

Apu tells for abhi..he tells her not to joke.. Apu tells for u only.. He opens it and sees his fav colour.. He hugs her.. Siye re plays.. Nanditha comes in and sees Malay shirtless and turns aside and tells them to come down.. He agrees.. She leaves from there.. Apu pulls him closer and takes dress from it and makes him wear.. E smiles. He touches it and asks it is cotton? She tells wooden.. He tells u!! She runs.. He tries to catch her but falls on her… They share an eyelock.. Kalpana sees this and thinks she is getting too close.. It should not happen.. She waits for apu.. Apu and Malay comes down and have tiffin.. They eats.. Malay leaves.. Nanditha also leaves.. Rasik in room sits and cries.. Apu keeps tea aside and leaves from there before anyone sees..
Rasik drinks it and catches his throat and calls apu.. She sits in room and does not hear anything and sleeps.. Rasik comes to Hall and holds sofa and shouts.. Slowly be takes blood vomit and dies.. Abhi comes there and sees this and gets shocked.. He shouts papa!!! Apu comes inside through front door.. Abhi cries.. She comes there and asks what? Abhi shows rasik.. She acts as if shocked.. Tapur comes there and asks apu why did u not come down? After rasik calling.. Apu tells I went out.. Tapur tells I knew u were inside.. Abhi tells them to stop it and calls ambulance.

They comes there and check rasik and tells he is no more.. Abhi cries.. Someone comes there and keeps hand on his shoulder.. It is new entry.. Chitali-Abhi’s aunty(relative).. She tells wait something wrongly happens in this house.. I will take care..death ceremony takes place..

They takes rasik body and leaves from there.. Chitali concern abhi and tells him to be strong.. She Pat’s on his shoulder.. Tapur comes there and tells her to leave. And I am there for abhi.. Chitali leaves from there.. She comes to nanditha and tells there is something in u r house.. Apu tells her not to joke and leaves from there.

Precap:Kalpana slaps apu and tells her not to get close with nalay.. Next time.. Apu okds er hand and tells that is n wish. Love malay

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  1. awesome epi bro….

    1. thnx rufina for the comment

  2. Good episode naren… Uff this kalapana…. Rally irritates me…. Luv apulay moments..?? today raski’s turn ….whose next???? Waiting for the next episode …. Good going …

  3. Must say better then the original track… ???

    1. thnx kathy…

  4. wow gud episode…such a fast track….loving it

    1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      Thnx shai why not commenting on vishkanya page??

  5. i have to study a lot nowadays……also the modem is not working….so using limited dongle pack

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