Vishkanya ff epi-22


The episode starts with Apu challenges vardhaan and leaves.. Vardhaan asks police where is backside door of their house? Police shows that side.. She smiles and tells I will win and leaves from there with evil smiley.. Malay comes to room and sits on bed. Apu comes there and asks him r u tired? He smiles and hugs her.. Siye re plays..

She asks him what happened? He smiles and tells thnx.. She asks for why? He tells for making my mom soo happy.. She smiles and tells.. No sorry and thnx between us.. He tells OK.. Madam!! She tells vardhaan.. Has bad eyes on u.. Malay asks r u feeling jealous? Apu smiles and tells so what? I am u r wife and pushes him closer.. His shirt button was removed by apu.. Malay asks her what is she doing? Apu tells today Spl day.. Like past.. My power will not work.. Today fully.. He smiled and asks then u would have told mrng itself! She smiles and tells I told now it is enough… He smiled..

She removes his shirt.. He comes closer to her.. Siye re plays.. She smiles and runs.. He comes close and kisses her.. She kisses him?..suddenly kalpana walks near room signing apu not to!! Apu does not mind her and kisses him.. He kisses her passionately.. He brings her to bed and closes blanket.. She tells u?..

Vardhaan comes near back door and opens with duplicate key and comes inside and tells today I will win.. She comes near Malay and sees his shirt less and kissing apu and gets shocked.. She closes mouth and cries.. She fells I won’t give up and hides there and waits.. Malay sleeps aside apu… Later.. Vardhaan gets up hearing lightning thunderstorm.. Vardhaan comes inside room.. Apu sees her and smiles.. She acts as if sleeping.. Malay keeps hand around apu and kisses on her head and sleeps.. Vardhaan comes there and seeing apu.. She smirks and taunts her and sees Malay and tells he is soooo hot??Without dress.. Apu sees this and thinks in her mind.. Stupid,nonsense, idiot etc.. All possible bad words..)
Vardhaan sees apu sleeping and comes close to Malay and touches his body.. She tells so nice… Six packs.. Apu takes it away and gets up from bed in night dress.

Apu slaps her hard and pushes her down and asks her how dare she touch malay? Vardhaan smiles and tells he is mine.. Apu tells he is already mine… Vardhaan tells then also mine.. Apu tells her u r soo cheap.. Malay gets up from bed and sees vardhaan and slaps her and asks how dare she come inside? Vardhaan smirks.. Malay tells wait I will call police. Apu tells they got what they want.. So she will leave now.. Vardhaan leaves from there…

Malay asks aou when did she come? She comes close and asks do u want to know about it now? Malay tells no and kisses her..

Precap:Vardhaan plans something.. Apu tells Kalpana that she loves Malay and she won’t kill him but others.. Kalpana slaps apu.. Next time she raises her hand.. But apu holds her hand..

Hope u all liked it.. Bye guys..

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Oh naren… U vent vardhaans anger in ur ff….by slapping her??

  2. Wow I luv the precap…. Good that Apu let kalpana knows about her love for Malay… … Waiting for the meat episode … Keep writing…

  3. Wow apu is going well in ur ff I loved the precap

  4. whoa……suhagraat of apulay!!!!!!malay KISSING apu PASSIONATELY!!! u really made my day naren…..send ur stories to the vishkanya writers….then i think they will come back to senses

  5. apu i have a got a nickname of vardaan for you-CHIPKALIIIII

  6. well, how that chipkali became a police officer?? I don’t think she has any brains

  7. nice epi bro…

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