Vishkanya ff epi-21


The episode starts with Apu hugs Malay.. Kalpana sees this and smirks.. Nanditha comes there and tells apu let us go back.. Kumkum body was taken by others to fire it.. Malay cries. All guest leaves from there.. Apu comes there and sits on sofa.. Suddenly police force comes there and tells we have appointed one team to check who killed vishal and etc.. Police shows.. Vardhaan and tells she is CID officer.. All gets shocked.. Malay fumes.. Vardhaan removes her glass and sees Malay and smiles.. She tells he soooo handsome. Nanditha tells we all don’t know.. Vardhaan tells I will find it and leaves from there smilingly… Malay takes apu to room and makes her sit.. Rasik cries in the room.. Abhi also cries.. Tapur consoles him.. Hua aaj plays..

Abhi holds her hand and cries.. Malay sits near apu and holds her hand and tells her to be careful always.. Apu sees date and asks Malay tmr is nanditha birthday? Malay tells her not to plan anything becoz all are sad . apu tells in sad one good thing should happen then only all will be happy.. Apu calls someone and tells them to make cake as I say.. Vardhaan hears this and gets shocked.. She thinks so she gonna kill all.
Apu changes statement after vardhan leaves.. Next day.. Apu makes all arrangements.. Nanditha comes there.. Apu shouts and wishes her happy birthday.. She smiles and thnx her.. Hugs her. Rasik asks kumkum died but u r celebrating birthdays? Apu tells they have died already but we got body yesterday only… So pls we all should be happy.. Apu tells all to join..

Apu calls cake boy and tells him to bring cake soon. Vardhan comes there with police and smiles seeing apu.. Apu sees her and laughs inside.. Malay comes there. Vardhaan sees Malay and gets into dream sequence with him.. Malay comes there and holds apu hand and wishes mother happy birthday.. She hugs Malay.. He takes her blessings.. He gifts something to her.. She opens and sees watch.. She thnx her.. Abhi gives her chain and tells sorry I got this with my savings. She thnx her. Apu tells my gift will be soo big for u.. Cake comes inside.. Apu tells here is my gift.. Apu takes her aside and tells today someone will get big bulb.. So wait and watch.. Apu brings her to Hall and smiles . vardhaan comes to her sense and shouts police and tells them to arrest apu.. All gets shocked.. Malay asks why my wife should be arrested? Apu acts.. Vardhaan tells she has mixed something in cake .all gets shocked.. Apu tells what? Malay asks vardhaan to leave.. Police was about to arrest apu.but malay slaps police.. All gets into fight.. Malay asks what proof u have?

Vardhaan tells this cake is big proof and tells aou to eat then u will see.. Apu tells sure and takes and eats.. Nanditha also eats.. Others also eats.. Vardhaan gets shocked.. She tells sorry to them.. Apu smiles and tells them to fall on nanditha leg and asks sorry.. Vardhaan leaves from there. Apu and nanditha hifi.. Kalpana sees this and signs her and tells her to maintain distance from nanditha.. She agrees..

Apu comes out and says to vardhaan that I only told to mix… But I cancelled after u say it.. She challenges.. Vardhaan and tells within 1week.. U will itself run from here.. Vardhaan accepts her challenge….

Precap: Vardhaan comes inside Malay house and tries to touch Malay.. But apu stops her and slaps her..

Hope u all enjoyed the bulbul scene.. I liked it and tmr epi also.. Bye..

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  1. Wow naren … U gave vardhaan police .. Role … It’s just unexpected….. ?? she looks like a comedy police??

  2. As always very good episode …. N precap… How dare she try to touch our Malay… She truly deserve that slap…. ???? waiting for the next episode …

  3. Vardhan as CID officer it’s a nice concept, the precap was super!!! waiting 4 next epii

  4. As usual awesome epi naren bro…but from were did bulbul scene comes from ??? Eagerly waiting for next epi…

  5. gud episode…better tahn than the current vishkanya

  6. hey naren….where’s ur crime thriller?? waiting for it

    1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      Not writing it now.. Sorry.. Due to some problems I stopped writing it..

  7. wow awesome epi….apu is really brilliant….big bulb for vardhaan…..

  8. just saw today’s vishkanya episode……it was the worst ever….i almost skipped up all the parts
    worst no. 1-malay talked to apu rudely
    worst no. 2-now all the womens of mittal mansion knows about kalpana’s-apu’s plan
    worst no. 3-they are plotting against them
    worst no. 4-now they are showing malay and that horrible chipkali’s(lizard- veda) pairing…as if they r the leads
    now i am only going to read the written updates…no more online watch until the show comes on track and show the prem kahani of apulay…not of that CHIPKALI!!!

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