Vishkanya ff epi-20


The episode starts with Apu sheds crocodile tears.. Death ceremony starts at house.. All gathers and all cries.. Nanditha also cries.. Apu brings harshavardhan to Hall and shows him kumkum and vishal death and says this will happen to u soon…apu smiles..

Apu brings him near kumkum and tells u r sister is dead and she cries.. Suddenly apu tears falls on kumkum hand.. It burns.. Apu falls down.. Nanditha and others takes her to hospital.. Apu tells doctor not to tell anyone that she is acting.. He agrees and tells all that she is fine now.. Anyone can go inside.. Kalpana comes there and asks her what happened? Apu tells my tears felled on kumkum hand so only I did like this… Kalpana tells u r soo genious.. Malay knocks the door… Kalpana leaves.. Malay comes there and holds apu hand and tells her to take care..see u did not eat anything from mrng so only u fall down….

Suddenly one girl comes inside and sits near apu and tells her to take care.. Apu asks who r u? She stabs apu. Malay smiles and tells this won’t affect my wife.. He comes and locks the door and slaps her and pushes her down and asks how dare r u? Apu also gets up and removes her veil and asks who r u? She tells u killed vishal I am her wife.. Apu acts I did not kill.. Vishal wife cries.. Malay slaps her and tells her to leave or I will call police now.. Apu tells no wait if she goes out my secret wil be out and scratches her hand. Malay gets shocked and asks her what is she doing?

Apu tells if she tells the truth means then I will be out. Malay tells her not to explain her is of one girl death.. Apu tells then OK.. She calls kalpana and tells her to bring food. She brings it and gives to her. Apu feeds to her and vishal wife gets up and tells I will tell all that to all.. Apu shows this to Malay.

Malay gets shocked and stops her from leaving out and throws her inside and holds her hand.. Apu comes there and smiles and scratches her hand and tells today u r death is already written. Apu smiles.. She throws her out and vishal wife dies. Malay hugs her and tells I did mistake u r right and hugs her and kisses her..

Precap: Apu and Malay comes back to house..

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  1. Ow naren good episode…

  2. Harshvardhan ur end….. Starts now…??

    1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      Yes.. Thnx Kathy…

  3. Waiting for the next episode …??? keep writing ..

  4. Wow Apu u so clever being with Malay…???

  5. I think veda should be included in this ff so we can make her villian and this ff was better than the previous ff

    1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      Sure I will add it.. Thnx for the comment.. I also thought the same to add her as villain..

      1. Wow good naren… Tnx Linsa for the idea… Luv to see her as a villain ??

  6. Nice epi bro….may i know who is harshavardhan???

    1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      He is Malay father.. He is paralysed person.. He was the only reason for revenge..

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