Vishkanya ff epi-2

Nandhitha brings breakfast to malay and tells him to eat and come with her to airport to book tickets becoz we are leaving to london next month…He asks what??Malay tells i won’t come…She blackmails her emotinally..Nandhitha tells kalpana is dangerous and tells him to stay away from here…Malay tells ok i will come with u..

Apu takes bath and wears tulsi on her hand and leg both and tells kalpana this time i will be more careful and walks towards door and sees tapur standing there..Apu tries to speak but she moves from there and comes to kalpana and asks her money..She asks for what?? Tapu tells for my fees… Kalpana tells her i will give tmr mrng,..Tapu goes inside and tells she is taking her of apu more than me..

Kalpana tells apu let us go for a walk today..Apu hesitately tells ok and they both comes out and sees malay standing with flowers… Apu holds kalpana hand and comes with her..Kalpana sees malay and thinks this is the right chance and calls malay..He comes there Kalpana asks him to help her and shows vegetables bag..Malay tells sure and takes it and comes with them talking..

Kalpana tells malay i will come within one min and goes inside market..Malay asks apu about her job or marriage??Apu smiles and tries to leave..malay puts bag down and holds her hand tightly..Apu tries to take but he pulls her closer..Sanam re plays…

Apu tells him to leave her hand..Malay tells no…Kumkum comes there with her husband with market..She comes inside shop and sees kalpana…Her husband goes near kalpana and flirts with her..She also speaks with him and leaves from there…

Kumkum comes there and scolds him badly..Malay leaves apu hand by seeing kalpana coming…Kalpana comes there and sees bag down and smiles she acts what is this?? Apu and malay takes vegetables and keeps in bag both take same vegetable they share an eyelock….Allah warriyan plays….

Precap: Kumkum sees malay with kalpana and apu and gets shocked,..She comes home and tells this to nandhitha..She gets shocked

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Super episode ranaji waiting for your next episode

  2. Hi Ranaji I am also Tamil……I thought u were frm north………..Its good that U too Tamil………
    Ur story is aswme…..I love the ff soo much.plz continue n bring some twists…..plzzz…………..

  3. Nice epi bro

  4. Super episode

  5. Very nice ff naren
    be continue

  6. l loved it Ranaji… it’s interesting..

  7. Very interesting naren , be continue

  8. patakha princess


  9. Nice ff..continue ur rocking ranaji

  10. Nyc epic inlove with this serial??

  11. wow yaar suuper ……nice episode …. 🙂

  12. hey guys I have an idea …… if u like my idea pls start a ff about tat….. pls write a ff about the pain of love like malay and apu both knows tat she is a vishkanya ….and both r in luv too… even to he knows tat he will die if he gets close to apu he wants to be with her forever…..but apu wants tomake malay forget her and move forward in life ….and kalpana became villain ……isthara kuch ff likho yaar ( idhu marium one eludhunga pa) it jus my idea … not nice??? …. u dont like it meanse its ok ….no prblm :):):)

    1. Good idea athya I liked it… N I too have an idea … Why don’t u start writing dear ? Am sure it will be nice I think u have good imagination skill .. Think of it … Will support u sure if u do so….

    2. Super idea Akka why don’t you write the fan fiction I know it will be amazing

      1. sure in my ff soon it will happen don’t worry

  13. tats even though

  14. I think it’s a nice idea athya…i like it.??

  15. Ranaji nice episode … Waiting for the next… Keep writing …

  16. ho 🙂 thnk u kathy , thnku ayesha but I cant dr I always engaged with my baby and house holdchores so sry dr I cant if any one can pls start it 🙂 or else its ok 🙂

  17. Wonderful as always.

  18. Unga idea la daan story write panna poren athya with slight modify

  19. Ranaji where is Ur today’ff waiting for your ff

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