Vishkanya ff epi-19


The episode starts with Apu and Malay share an eyelock.. Later kalpana calls apu and tells her to come to her house.. Apu agrees.. Tapur and abhi gets up from bed. Tapur smiles at him and throws flowers on his face.. He smiles and comes close. She tells already over.. Now it is time I need to go to college.. Abhi tells this is evening 6.00pm.. she gets shocked and asks did I miss the college? Abhi stands quiet.. She asks him to speak!! She laughs and tells actually today college is leave.. But see u r face. U r soo afraid of me.. Abhi gets up and takes pillow and throws at her face.. She tells how dare r u? He throws all the things..

Apu gets ready.. Malay comes there and hugs her backside and asks her what she wants? She tells I need u.. And no one.. She tells I need to go kalpana is calling me and apu leaves.. Malay smiles seeing her back.. Apu sees this and. Closes it with his sari.. He again sees her hip.. She closes it and he follows her back???Apu turns and sees him not there and smiles and comes to kalpana house.

Kalpana asks her did she forget for what she went there?? Apu tells I did not forget.. Kalpana holds her hair and brings her down and shows her mother condition and tells still u r mom is not well.. U started to romance with Malay? Apu tells nothing like that mamouni.. Kalpana asks her to tell what she is upto? Apu tells u know about me.. This is plan.. Apu shares it.. Malay comes near store room.. Apu tells that is it.. This is the plan. Malay thinks what plan she is talking? Kalpana smiles and hugs apu and tells sorry to her.. Malay knocks the door.

Kalpana and apu gets shocked.. Apu opens it. Malay draggs her out and asks what plan? She gets tensed and tells it is surprise party for u r mom birthday.. He tells my mom birthday is coming Wednesday.. I itself forgot how u knew? Apu tells I never forget imp things.. Apu smiles.. Kalpana sees this and thinks she is superb brilliant.. She will take revenge from them.. I can take rest now.

Apu and Malay comes back to house. Apu shows kumkum calendar it was written that nanditha birthday.. Malay smiles and tells OK kk.. Madam.. She blesses him??Nandhitha sees this and thinks Malay should be always happy.. She leaves from there.. Malay tells now we need to inform police becoz kumkum did not return till now!! Apu gets tensed and tells OK and call them and tell..

Malay calls police and tells about kumkum.. They tells we got 2 body come and check it is u r? He tells sure and calls rasik and all comes to body.. Malay slowly opens it and closes his face.. It is vishal and Kumkum.. All cries.. Apu shed crocodile tears.. But she hides it..

Precap:Kumkum death ceremony starts.. Apu makes harshavardhan eat food. She feels restless and falls down.. Malay sees this and comes there and takes her to hospital… Kalpana gets tensed seeing nanditha also in hospital..

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Nice episode naren….??

    1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      Thnx kathy…????

  2. Wow Malay he is so mischievous …?? … I didn’t understand y Apu said this is part of her plan to kalpana…??

    1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      U will know about it soon..wait be patient..

      1. I know am so impatient nowadays ….?

  3. Naren ….one second u made my Blood pressure high… ?? I even thought for a second that Malay will comes to know the truth of plan…..

  4. Precap…. What happen to Apu…. Hope she is fine?? n tnx for the promo…. It’s lovely … N so romantic …. Excited for the next episode … May almighty bless u always…

    1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      Which?? Horror? That ff made me sooo happy becoz I got more comments within 10min..

      1. No …on vishkanya it’s so romantic… Luv it.,. Waiting for the episode…

      2. Am happy for u naren… U truly decerve it….

  5. Tapur was Malay’s stepsister and abhi was Malay’s brother which means Tapur was abhi’s sis and here both of them were depicted as couple

    1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      Don’t confuse me with relation.. Soon it will be revealed..

    2. i want to clarify that although tapur is malay’s step sister but abhi is malay’s cousin brother /son of kumkum(who is died)so the( tapur and abhi) could be a couple

  6. epi was nice keep it up naren

    1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      Thnx ooshi for hleping me..

      1. i tell u not to use thanks and sorry words wtih me you could say i am happy that u help me but not these 2 words please please please

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