Vishkanya ff epi-18


The episode starts with Apu smiles and hugs Malay.. Banjaara plays… Malay tells apu to have tea and he goes inside washroom.. Apu sits there and haves tea. Malay comes out with towel tied in hip.. He comes near cupboard and searches dress.. Malay shouts maa… Nanditha comes there.. Apu sees him and shouts… They both shouts.. Apu hides behind curtain. Malay tells I am u r husband why r u hiding? Apu tells not like that. Malay smiles and comes closer. Nanditha watches this and smiles.. She leaves from there.. Apu asks him what r u doing?? Malay tells her to wait and watch.. He takes something from box and wear on his lips… He tells now I can kiss u.. She asks what? She tells no I cannot risk u r life.. Sanam re plays.. He asks her to tell I love u.. She tells u already told Na?? He tells her that I need to hear from your mouth. she tells I…. Nanditha tells them let us have tiffin pls come down. Malay hides his body.. Nanditha asks this much time u showed to apu but not me?? She smiled and leaves from there.. Apu laughs and leaves.. Malay towel slowly opens and it falls down.. Apu was about to see.. Malay shouts.. She turns aside closing his eyes. He takes towel from down and wears it and tells her to see back..

She tells it is OK.. She leaves. Malay beats in his heads and laughs.. Vishkanya title track plays.. He comes down wearing dress.. Apu hides her face.. She asks herself.. Will u see him? Like this in towel? She beats herself . he smiles and comes to her and sits near her.. He takes her hand and puts one ring.. She asks where u got? Malay tells near shop.. She tells very clever. he tell yes.. She asks him did u got in u r own money? He tells I got with my own savings.. She tells I need anything.. Which u earn and come.. Otherwise I will leave.. Or I will be here without eating today from mrng.. U should earn money and get food for me. Apu tells if not.. I will die here itself . he gets shocked and asks what r u saying..? Siye re plays.

Malay tells then OK I will do work and bring money till that now? She tells I won’t eat.. Nanditha asks what drama? Malay tells nothing.. Apu tells u have made u r son luxurious.. She tells yes.. He won’t go to work.. Malay tells mom I don’t have any problem then why u? He leaves from there.. Nanditha tells I made my son happy and good.. Named. But u want him to work.. She tells in mind.. There is many things in mind.. For sending him job.

Malay comes to shop and asks for job? Owner tells what u studied? He tells I completed,M.SC.. Hotel owner gets shocked and asks him to go and work at CTS or IBM and not here.. Malay tells him to give table cleaning work I will do it…Owner sees his face and tells OK.. He tells other workers and tell them to teach him.. Malay finds it easy and does the work.. Apu in home.. Waits for Malay without eating.. Malay comes there.. He smiles apu sees his dress and asks what happened? Malay tells nothing and gives her earning 500RS.. She smiles and hugs him and tells him to buy vegetables and all things.. And come.. He asks what? Already there is stove etc.. She tells him to bug and come.. He tells OK and buys all and comes there and gives to her.. Apu tells him to wait for 30min.. He tells sure.. 30min later.. Apu brings food to table.. She serves it and sees his reaction.. He tells superb.. She smiles and tells I am big cook.. Kalpana sees this and smirks..

Precap:Kalpana asks her why she is getting close to Malay? Apu tells this is plan.. Later Malay asks apu what she was speaking to kalpana about plan? Apu gets tensed..

Hope u all liked it.. Have a nice day.. Bye guys luv u all.

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Nice episode naren….

  2. Backround song are beautiful naren…. N that towel scene is hilarious …????

  3. I wonder what was the plane??? First I thought since she hates mittal n wants to take revenge she doesn’t wanted to touch or spend their money … N once Malay start to work he is independent n even after their end… She can live with him happily …

  4. Malay really loves Apu… Earning even 500 for sake of his love…. Means… So heart touching … Poor Malay cleaned hotel table…??…

    1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      It is true love… Kathy…

      1. Yes indeed …❤️❤️

  5. episode was all over nice and could she not realize nandita her mistake and forgive her i know her mistake and crimes are too big but couldn’t her heart more bigger than her sins and crimes

    1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      It is not easy crime..

  6. great episode….i liked the suspense

  7. sorry guys…i couldn’t comment for two days…i was having an xam…tommorrow also there is an xam….so need to study….but i will soon post loads of comment once i am free
    P.S- my modem is also damaged 🙁 …i am using dongle right now….so can post less comments for now
    please forgive me

    1. Oh Shai it’s ok…. Am happy that ur fine.., coz in ur last day comment u said that u had a migraine so I thought u had some problem with it…

    2. no need of forgiveness what needed was why you going disappeared which u told it’s enough and

    3. Best of luck… Do well…??

  8. Naren u didn’t mention us what did Apu cooked for Malay??? ???

  9. Apu didn’t say “I luv u ” to Malay na… Oh this nanditha I remember a proverb in Tamil it says ” siva poojayil karadi madiri” it means, a bear entering when the Pooja (Worship) is being conducted for Lord Shiva. Which is, obstructive to the holy or the auspicious even….?? …. She did the same here…???

    1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      Yes.. Next epi she will again cook.. So that time I will let u know the dish

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