Vishkanya ff epi-17


Next day.. Apu gets up from bed and comes to kitchen and takes tea tray and takes tea cups and keeps one one cup there.. She smiles and pours tea there.. She mixes something there.. Servant sees this and gets shocked.. She takes another tea glass also and comes there.. Apu sees servant and changes the glass. First itself.. She comes to nanditha and gives it.. Servant tells she has mixed poison there.. Apu tells no.. In the mean time apu touches servant tea and smiles and cries.. She tells servant to prove herself first.. Servant tells first u prove. Apu drinks and nothing happens to her.. Servant drinks tea and falls down.. Nanditha gets shocked..

Nanditha calls ambulance and they takes her away.. Nanditha thinks so I am sure.. That apu is good to my son.. She smiles and hugs her and asks sorry on behalf of servant.. Apu tells her not to ask sorry.. She smiles and leaves from there.. She sees servants body is taken out.. She bids bye to her and comes to harshavardhan room and keeps tea and smiles..

Apu tells sorry u r hand and leg won’t move right?? Apu takes tea and spoon and feeds him saying I came here to kill I r whole mittai family except Malay.. Becoz I love him alot???Harshavardhan smirks.. Apu tells u should not do this.. And feeds him tea hot.. He fumes.. And pushes something.. Nanditha comes there and asks what? Apu tells nothing and leaves from there.. Nanditha smiles and comes to him and tells good about apu.. Apu over hears conversation and smiled and tells this is just start.. U can see my real face soon..

Apu comes to rasik room and keeps tea.. She asks can I help u? Rasik tells I am searching for money.. If kumkum is here means she would have gave me correctly.. Apu smiles and sees money and gives to him and tells from today k am there to help u… Pls call me whenever u want. Apu leaves.. Rasik drinks tea and takes money and leaves from there..

Apu comes to room and locks the door and sees Malay lovingly and comes to him and cares his hairs and tries to kiss on his cheeks but stops thinking about her.. Malay turns and sleeps.. Apu hands gets stuck.. Sanam re plays.. Apu tries to take her hand away but fails all time.. Malay slightly opens his eyes and sees her and again closes and hugs it.. He tells I knew u r nanditha my fav mom and kisses on her hand.. She gets nervous and takes it from him.. Malay gets up from bed and comes close to her.. He tries to kiss her. She stops and tells I am vishkanya.. Don’t u remember that? He tells OK I will check next good day for Amavasai.. So that our wedding night will happen soon.. She smiles..

Precap:Kalpana hears their conversation and smirks..

Hope u all enjoyed today epi 100%.. But I enjoyed where harshavardhan fuming scenes.. Everyone imagine it u will laugh…. Alot.. Bye

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Very good episode …?????

  2. Wow Malay… He is so naughty …. Am imagining the scene where he pretend to sleep holding apu’s hand…????

  3. Apu feeds hot tea to harshvardhan … Imagining the moment… It’s so funny… He really deserve that…. Good punishment…. Keep it up… Apu… Apu rocks…

  4. Tnx naren u r parallaly taking apulay scenes and revenge … Tnx…

    1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      Thnx Kathy…

  5. Today’s epi was nice bro

    1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      Thnx ooshi akbar hope u liked it..

      1. Bro call me Ooshi 1 dn comment nhi Kia to ooshi Ki jgha ooshi Akbar keh dia yeh koi achi bat to nhi hai I am only ooshi for my bro and frndz and remember one thing that this crazy girl makes relations with heart and once they made they can’t be broken then

  6. Naren when Apu feed hot tea… Reminds me of Movie thozha where karthi pour hot water on nagarjun’s leg….??? Where he dont know what happend ….it is not the Same situation … But it just came to mind when I read it…

    1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      Yes yaar.. Same but I did not recall the movie but simply wrote to irritate harshavardhan

      1. It was not the same … I like the way u irritate him ???

  7. nice thoughts and this ff was good but we want apu to take revenge from nanditha and make her realise the pain that her mother was suffering

    1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      Me too want to feel her same pain

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