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The episode starts with Malay makes her wear sindoor and mangalsutra. Apu sees him and thinks is I am doing correct? Why I am doing this to Malay? I love him a lot. Then why I want to kill his family… What is this in mind this much questions? She gets up and stands seeing Malay.. Who sees her lovingly and hugs her. She smiles.. Kalpana signs her not to get close to Malay. Apu jerks and tells let us take blessing.. He smiled and takes blessing from them.

Apu and Malay takes blessing from elders…. Abhi and tapur marriage also takes place.. He also takes blessing.. Tapur and abhi hugs Malay and apu.. Apu slowly breaks hug and tells tapur that have a nice day.. Tapur and abhi leaves to room… Apu smiles at kalpana. She takes her aside and tells her to be careful.. Today night. Apu tells sure mom.

Apu and Malay comes to room.. Sanam re plays.. Apu goes inside and sits on chair and sees mirror removes her necklace and all.. Malay comes there slowly and sits aside her and helps her to remove ear rings. She gets nervous. She gets up and. Tries to go but Malay holds her hand and pulls closer…. She smiles and sits on end of bed. He also sits on other end. She calls him at shoulder and turns aside. He turns and sees her and he calls her and turns..

Both smiles….. Apu gets up and comes near window and sees moon shedding with clouds and gets shocked and stops Malay. He asks why? He kisses on her shoulder and tries to remove dupatta.. She breaks out in anger and tells him to get lost from here.. Malay gets shocked and asks what happened? She tells him to leave.. He shouts I have accepted u even knowing that u r vishkanya.. and leaves from there… She sits down and cries what to do Malay? Malay comes out and sees clouds closed and thinks.. So this is the matter she told me to go out…. He comes back and knocks the door. Apu opens it. Malay smiles and comes inside and hugs her and tells I know for what u told me?? She looks on. He tells I will sleep on couch and u sleep on bed. Allah warriyan. Plays.. He sleeps on couch and sees her sleeping on bed and smiles..

Precap:Apu comes down in mrng and keeps tea on harshavardhan table and smirks. She comes close to him and tells see God have punished u for u r deeds.. Soon u will die. Apu leaves.. Smiling evilly..
Hope u all liked it bye guys.

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Wow nice episode naren…. ??as always …????

  2. Finally marriage complete…. Congrats mr&mrs Malay ….❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. Oh so sweet of Malay… He is so caring man…. Is just amazing… Wish to have a husband like him….???

  4. Epi was good but I really don’t like evil apu sorry if it hurt u bro so so so sorry

  5. Allah wariyan… It’s a good back round song….???

    1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      Thnx I like the song very much.. I use that song for all my ff at many places.

  6. Wow naren , ooshi, shammu back on back comments n u guys made to 170+ comments??? … Am so happy ???… Sorry guys I coudnt comments coz my mum is not well n have to b with her …

  7. Reall revenge has start…. B Watch out mittals… ?

  8. That’s very nice

  9. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Sure ooshi.. U will see apu real face.. She will be good with Malay alone and not others so don’t worry

    1. thanks for the good news bro

  10. Wow naren that’s great….u r doing a great job…song selection is also amzing..keep it up??

  11. Naren forgot to tell it is sooo romantic…..? kathy how is ur mother now?what happen to her dr…

    1. She is unwell she is having a breathing problem… Now she is better …Tnx Akka…

      1. Give her my get well soon wishes

      2. Tnx Shai…?

    2. thnx and i also thought of asking what happened kathy?is she fine now?

      1. Yes naren she is fine… Tnx…

  12. Gud episode naren…the writers of vishkanya should really take a cue from you

    1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      Thnx shai.. Overwhelming response from u all

  13. Ranaji,ooshi,shanaya i read ur comments of 12 may episode.
    I have posted a lot of comments but all are deleted 🙁 also now they have blocked commenting on what to do
    Also i was a bit ill
    I will make sure that now i comment more

    1. Why what happen??? How r u now???

      1. I have migraine problems…now feeling a bit better..

      2. Hope u feeling better now … Take care ..

  14. Nice episode….rly u r a vry good writer.

    1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      Thnx u comment on my 2 ff !! Right?? Anyways thnx

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