Vishkanya ff epi-15


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The episode starts with Kalpana consoles apu… Apu tells I did this becoz she has insulted u.. In real vishkanya show?????Kalpana smiles and hugs her. Apu gets up and comes to room and takes phone and calls malay.. He takes it fast and runs inside room and asks what madam? Apu tells I need to meet u now.. Malay tells as u wish madam.. I am always free for u…

Malay comes and knocks the door. Malay waits. Kalpana sees him and asks apu why he came here? Apu tells I will tell him the truth that I only killed kumkum and vishal. Kalpana gets shocked and holds her hair and.asks her have u gone mad? She tells I did this to destroy their family.. So u pls keep quiet. Apu cries and tells he should knew about it. Kalpana tells her to be quiet and opens the door and tells Malay that she is not well.. So u come after sometime… Malay leaves with sad face. Apu sees him. She signs.. Malay sees her and asks what happened? Apu tells I am fine and shows time and tells him to come at 6.00pm.

Malay smiles and tells OK. Malay tells our marriage at 6.00.. She tells OK.. Then we can meet there itself. He smiles and sends flying kiss. She ignores it and she passes kiss.. He takes it and smiles at her. Sanam re plays..

Malay comes to house and sees kumkum missing.. He asks nanditha? She tells she went out and she told she can’t attend marriage.. Abhi comes there and tells mine and tapur marriage. Nanditha tells I forgot to tell that u r marriage also today.. Abhi gets amused . she tells after apu and Malay marriage. Abhi gets happy and calls tapur and tells it. she acts as amused and smirks after it..

Malay gets ready for marriage.. Apu comes there and changes dress.. Nanditha gives her parambara necklace and tells her to remove chain and wear this. Apu gets tensed.. She takes it and tells I will wear. Nanditha smiles and leaves from there..

Apu wears the chain and wear necklace above that and comes to mandap and sits there.. Abhi and tapur also gets ready.. Malay comes there and sees apu and smiles.. He sits near her and performs all rituals. He tells u are sooo beautiful. Apu smiles and pinches him.. He laughs at her. Apu and Malay share an eyelock. Nanditha prays for their happiness. They both starts to take rounds.. While they taking 7th round. Harshavardhan slips down from bed. Nanditha tells them to take pheras and leaves.. Malay makes apu wear sindoor and mangalsutra..

Precap:Malay and aou takes blessings from harshavardhan and nanditha.. Abhi and tapur marriage also gets over. Kalpana smiles happily.. Dadi also blesses them..

Hope u all liked it… Next epi u will see real vishkanya and real revenge. Bye..

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Good episode…??

    1. ohhh thnx i was little afraid that this epi will not nice..but positive replys

      1. It was superb

    2. Coz it’s a nice episode … As always…

  2. Good story line with suspense …..Is kalpana their in the wedding … ??? Why nanditha wants to do abhi ‘s wedding next after malay’s hmm so many doubts ….??

  3. Eagerly waiting for the next episode naren… To see the real vishkanya n the real revenge …sounds good….???

  4. Sometimes I really hate kalapana “kabab mein haddi???” coming between two people… If she wasn’t there could have seen some apulay moments…. Missing it yar…

  5. Naren according to ur story it’s amavasa day tonight right????

    1. yes..nandhitha wants his son to be given first preference so only abhi next

      1. Ok… Tnx…

  6. Wow such a fast shaadi!!!??
    Thanks for maaking apu innocent again
    Waiting for ur next episode

    1. thnx shai..for the comment

  7. today’s episode was nice nothing bad happened

  8. Wow apu and maley’s wedding…nice written naren.? waiting for more apuley scenes.

  9. Naren i want to do one request from u…plz write in the story in that moments apu and maley’s feelings…like in wedding time apu thinks that” she is doing all these for her mom.but she loves maley a lot and she can’t lose him in any condition”.it’s request i won’t mind if u don’t write if u write i will feel happy?

    1. ok i made in today epi

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