Vishkanya ff epi-13

The episode starts with Apu gets reports and changes it. Malay comes there and takes it and smiles at her. Apu and Malay comes to house and gives report. Nanditha tells yes to marriage. Kalpana tells my revenge is over. Nanditha tells I will find the truth what they are hiding.. Apu and nanditha comes to store room and sees paralysed sister and they both cries.

Kalpana tells apu to kill their family and bring their body near my feet. Apu tells sure and takes blessing from kalpana. Vishal comes there and greets apu.. In Hall. Kalpana identifies he was the one who made her sister like this and hides her face. Kalpana sits aside . Vishal comes to house and greets Malay and all. Vishal hugs Malay. Vishal comes to harshavardhan and smiles and leaves.

Nanditha hugs vishal. He tells about past. She tells him to speak slowly.. Abhi comes there and tells I love tapur. She thinks now this is right way to know about apu truth.. Nanditha tells yes. Kumkum fumes and tells I don’t have any rights on my son. Nanditha gives her diamond ring and tells the matter. She tells OK.

Apu sits near her window.. Malay sits opp site and smiles at her. Malay signs her. Apu sees him and smiles and puts rope and jumps inside. He comes near apu and keeps hand on her mouth and smiles.. She asks what r u doing? He tells our marriage is fixed so that I can come in. She acts as happy. He hugs her. She moves his hand and tells h knew that I am vishkanya. He tells yes so that I should hug u? She tells OK.

He bids her bye. He comes there and kisses on her cheeks and runs from there. Sanam re plays.. Apu stops and thinks I need to take revenge At them and not to love them. She sits in room. Malay Checks Google about vishkanya. He reads and gets shocked. He smiled at once..

Precap:Malay tells I have found one way to kiss u. She asks what? He tells in Amavasai. U r powers won’t work and it will not harm me also. He tells tmr is that day.. She gets tensed. Marriage function starts in hurriedly manner.

Hope u all liked it. Bye guys.Kathy as u wished I wrote this..

Credit to: Narendran


  1. Kathy

    Wow naren…. Amavasa apus power won’t work is awesome…. Good thought yar…. Good that u made abhi n tapur paire …

  2. Kathy

    Must say naren… You are a good writer… May almighty Bless u with all bless both today and in ur future …?

  3. Wow naren nice epi….sorry naren for late i read it that’s why i couldn’t comments before..keep writing…all the best…?

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