Vishkanya ff epi-11

The episode starts with Apu cries. Malay holds her and tells I love u. We will cure this disease. Soon becoz I can’t live without u for a second. She smiles and hugs him. Nanditha sees this and smirks and thinks I need to find what problem she has? Kalpana hears this news through mobile and smiles and calls her relatives and tells about apu marriage. Kalpana comes to store room and tells her that apu marriage is fixed now u are happy.. Gauri turns and tells my revenge after many years gonna happen now. Kalpana and gauri smiles

Apu comes to house and smiles at kalpana and tapur. She tells Malay agreed. Tapur gets irked and thinks now I have one way that is I need to get into that house through abhi.. She smiles and calls abhi and tells him to come out of his house. Abhi smiles and comes near kalpana house and waits for her.

Tapur comes there. Abhi looks on tensed he thinks she should not tell no now.. He closes his eyes and prays to God. She comes near him and tells yes in his ears. Abhi jumps in joy and hugs her. Tapur asks what is this? He tells sorry I love u. He gives her one ring and leaves from there..

Nanditha comes there and asks abhi how Malay went out? He tells he is inside only. Nanditha takes stick and beats him. Malay comes there and stops her and tells I love apu and I will marry her. She gets shocked. She tells OK. But I need to get her full body check up before marriage. He tells no. I will take her. She smiles and tells u should..

Apu calls Malay and asks what happened? Malay tells it. She tells OK. He tells her to give kiss.. She asks now? How? He tells through phone. She smiles and kisses.on it. Kalpana comes there and asks what spl? Apu tells tmr we are going to full body check up. She gets shocked and tries to stop here. Apu tells I need to go with Malay only.. Kalpana smiles and tells I will change report.

Precap:Malay gives report. Nanditha sees positive and smiles and tells OK for Malay marriage. Tapur and abhi also tells their love. She agrees. All four have hifi and they all hug each other. Kalpana tells now my revenge is over.. Nanditha tells I will find apu truth before marriage gets over..

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

    Guys here is the end … Consider nanditha accepted apu. Becoz There is no response. Sorry for sudden end. Becoz I need to write other 4fan fiction.. Bye to vishkanya..!!..

  2. gud episode yaar..u make tiz episodes nyc..keep continue in coming works also..

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