Vishkanya ff epi-10


Loc:A coffee shop.
Malay tries to making a flower crown n a ring for her queen..
He thinks”Sure..I’ll say my pink to U,my Cutie Apu..I think U r comin in Red..I ‘ll make ur crown full of red n pink”
He joins flowers by a pink thread..
Some flowers falls down..Malay took them..While he take his seat again,Apu comes in Red..
While Malay sees Apu,he was mesmerised n stand up in chair n shouts”My Angel is comin” with exciting…
Apu smiles with thinking of how She tell the secret..
The people in the shop smiles with seeing..
Malay kneels down n take his flower ring n put it on Apu’s finger..n put the crown on Apu’s head..
The people clapps..
Malay holds Apu’s hands n make Apu sit in chair..

Apu smiles n says
“Thank u”
Malay says”Apu…I want to tell u something..I want U to hold ur hand forever..Before tat,I want to hear ur voice again”
Apu said”I also want to say something..Come with me..”
Apu holds his hand..n reached Apu’s home..
Apu take her image n said to Malay tat paint her blue..
Malay asked”Why u asked to paint blue..U luv witches or Avatar?”n laughs..
Apu cries.. Malay:”Sorrry Apu..U r Angel dear”n makes Apu calm..
Apu said:”Malay..If I believe blue is for witches,then I am” cries n falls in Malay’s shoulder..
Malay’s eyes tears..”Sorry Apu..plz”
Malay feels this feeling is more painful tan he feels before in his life..His eyes tears with heart cries..Malay takes bear in bed..

Hope u like tiz frndzzz

Credit to: Narendran &HarSHaN

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