Vishkanya family robotic ff epi-1

Hi guys I have stopped writing vishkanya family as alien and human as now it seems boring to me so this is a new ff on vishkanya family hope u will like it.


Kathy:Is a scientist.

Naren:He is Kathy’s small brother.His age is 16.

Siddhi:She is an robot her age is 13 and Kathy will create her and will give her the face of 13 years old girl.

Ooshi:Secretary of Vishkanya society

Shai:Member of Vishkanya society.

Rufina:Member of Vishkanya society

Saya:Member of Vishkanya society

Kathy is sitting on sofa and is reading news paper when Narendran comes to Kathy and says

Narendran:Di I want a sister.

Kathy:I am your sister only.

Narendran:No I want a small sister and you are big sister.

Kathy:It’s not possible Narendra.

Narendran:I don’t know but I want a small sister.Her.

Narendran gets angry with Kathy and says

Narendran:When I will get a small sister.Her then only I will eat food.

He goes from there and Kathy thinks

Kathy:Now I have to complete his wish.

Kathy goes to her lab and takes a paper and starts reading it.

Kathy:Now my brother will get happy.

Kathy starts making something.

After 1 week

Kathy:Finally this got ready.

The leg of robot is shown.

Kathy:Robo now I will give you this heart

Kathy takes a transparent colour heart and the robot takes the heart inside.


Narendran comes running to Kathy.

Narendran:What happened di?

Kathy:See your small sister.

Narendran sees a robot and says

Narendran:Wow this robot is my small sister.Her?


Narendran gets happy and says

Narendran:So let us give her a name.

Kathy:How is seema?

Narendran:No Seema I dint liked.Let’s keep her name Siddhi

Robot:Siddhi.I love you bhaiya and didi.

Both Narendran and Kathy get happy

Precap:Kathy to guve Siddhi a beautiful human face 😜


  1. saya

    Hey…now that’s really nice. Looking forward to this amazing concept. i’ll surely read and comment everytime for this lovely vk family.

  2. Kathy

    |Registered Member

    Soooooo sorry for the late comment dear. Good intro… Wow am a scientist …😊😊😊 looking forward to read …. This time u add saya too… Happy for it……..Keep writing… Good luck…

  3. Ooshi Akbar

    Hey I am back and commenting here before commenting on our regular page first and very important thing u always comes with new exciting and entertaining ideas and the most important thing it’s all our family so we like it very much waiting for the next update

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