Vishkanya Family As Alien And Human (Epi-7)


Rufina:Kathy relax and Siddhi we will buy new dress for you now for sake of high command be quite.

Harshan:But Rufina i have listen human saying for the sake of God.

Siddhi:What is God?

Narendran:God means see that curtain it is hanged on God.

Siddhi:Ayeee akal ke dushman it’s not God it’s rod.

Narendran:No when some vegetables are not cooked it is called rod.

Siddhi:Aree it is called rod ?

Narendran:Oh ho Siddhi you don’t know anything.

Harshan:Be quite Siddhi and Narendran.We have to know the meaning of God.

Kathy:Harshan see by your TV know what is God

Harshan shows everyone the video of temple and God statue.

Siddhi:What is this?

Rufina:I know.For humans God is everything.Whenever humans are in trouble they pray to God.And it is to be believed that God exist and he helps everyone whether good or bad.

Narendran:Then that God will help us also?I want to go to my planet I miss mom very much.

Narendran gets teary.Siddhi comes to him and keeps her hand on his shoulder.

Siddhi:I also miss my mom Narendran.Mom would be very much worried for us.

Kathy:And my sister would be also worried.

Rufina and Harshan:And our Father would be also worried.

All get emotional.

Rufina:We were going to other planet to just have a picnic but we came here and got stuck.

All are teary.They when they get a video call on their tab.

They run to the tab.They open the tab and sees Siddhi and Narendran’s mom’s call it is.


577 (Siddhi and Narendran’s mom):Where are you both and your friends?

Kathy tells everything to 577.

577:Siddhi,Narendran you both are okay know my children’s?

Siddhi:We are fine but we are really missing you.

Narendran:Can’t gift without you mom.

Siddhi:What!It is not gift it is live.

Narendran:No Siddhi

577 laughs in between.

Rufina:Aunty why are you laughing?

577:When you both were small you both use to fight like this only and before coming on earth you would fight like this only.Missing your both’s fight.

Kathy:Aunty we miss you all and how is my sister 1721?

577:She is very worried dear.And Harshan and Rufina your father 9211 is also very worried.

Harshan:Tell him that we are fine and also tell him to take care.

They all are talking with 577 when they hear a knock on door and they quickly close the tab.

Shai opens the door.

Shai:How are you guys?

Siddhi says slowly

Siddhi:She don’t have any work always coming to us.

Shai:Did you said anything?

Siddhi:Nothing I said but why did you came here?

Shai:Actually I was going to make tea but when I opened the box of sugar but I saw it was empty.

Kathy:So we will give you but where is box?

Shai:Oh actually I forgot to bring.No problem you give me box also will return you after more days.

Rufina:More days!

Shai:I mean in somedays

Kathy give her sugar box and Shai goes from there running.

Harshan:I am sure she will return box after many centuries.

Siddhi:Yeah you are right.

All laughs and then slowly tears of sadness comes in their eyes as they miss their family.
Hope this episode was funny like previous episode and sorry for really late update.Here I and Narendran are siblings and Rufina and Harshan are also siblings and Kathy is of these four.

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  1. Kathy

    Wonderful episode siddhi… As always…. Oh u n naren… Reminds me of Tom n Jerry cartoon… N Shai… He is too funny…. N harshan says that Shai will bring the box after century is hilarious … Excited for the next episode …

    1. Kathy

      Keep writing …

      1. Siddhi

        Will update soon di

    2. Siddhi

      Thanks di

  2. siddhi really a wonderfull episode that emotional part,ur’s and Naren’s fight his mistakes all were just fab to potrey Harshan in a funny manner was also a good idea

    1. Siddhi

      Thanks ooshi

  3. well done dear

    1. Siddhi

      Thanks will update soon

  4. HarSHaN

    Nyccc epi..coming as a thunder again..waiting for the coming epis…Surely Shai ll see tiz n I’m escaping as an alien..

    1. Siddhi

      Thanks Harshan

  5. Nandana

    Very nice siddi it is very funny. I really likedit

    1. Siddhi

      Thanks Nandana

  6. Shai

    sorry for the late comment,siddhi….it was superb!!!!!! i was missng ur ff very much…i didnt get time to read…so very sorry dear…

    1. Siddhi

      It’s okay and thanks for the comment

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