Vishkanya Family as Alien And Human (Epi-6)


Siddhi:Narendran you don’t leaved high command also.

Narendran laughs unusually.Shafaq,Ooshi and Shai comes there.

Shai:Oh hi sigh family.

All turns.

Kathy:Hi Shafaq,Ooshi and Shai.


Ooshi:So how are you all?


Shafaq:So in morning what you all eat?

Narendran:At morning we eat chachundar.

Shafaq,Ooshi and Shai gets shock.

Siddhi:Don’t get shock.It’s not chachundar.Aree chachundar is that animal which looks like mouse.At morning we eat kakdi.

Ooshi:Oh kakdi I thought you really eat chachundar.

Rufina:It’s common that he will do mistake.


Shai:Do you got newspaper?

Kathy:Yeah I will bring.

Kathy brings newspaper and gives to Shai.


Kathy:Your welcome.

Siddhi:By the way why you came here?

Ooshi:Just came to see you all are comfortable here.

Rufina:Oh thanks for asking and we are good here.

Shafaq:So bye.

They goes from there.

Siddhi:Ayeee chachundar ke bacche what you tell wrong words Narendran when you told chachundar then I saw there face it was like they were about to vomit.

Kathy:They din’t vomit now leave.

Rufina:Oh my gosh I was just scared whether they dint listen to our talks.

Harshan:Yeah if they would listen then everything would get destroy.

Siddhi:Yeah you are right.But my dress.

Kathy:Oh ho this Siddhi is like that person who found that earth is round.


Kathy:Because now again you came in same point.

Precap:Siddhi,Rufina and Kathy to fight with each other.

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  1. so cute and funny specially Ayee chachundr kk bacche and most important u came back to ur dress topic again so all over the episode was nice keep it up

  2. Funny episode … I liked chachundr part a lot… OMG!! Precap… Why three of them fight…. Hope all ok… Waiting for the next episode … Keep writing..

  3. Sema..aftr a small break,comes as smile…Superb…Siddhi

  4. Waiting for the next episode!!!!!

    1. ME TOO

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