Vishkanya Family as Alien And Human (Epi-5)


Siddhi:Me and Narendran will find Harshan out and out both stay here if some problem will be here then will tell you.

Siddhi and Narendran comes out to find Harshan when they get Ooshi and Shai.

Ooshi:Good morning Siddhi and Narendran.

Shai:Haha good morning.Do you gother the newspaper?

Siddhi:No we din’t got we will give you when will get.

They are about to go when Shai stops them and says

Shai:Why you both look on hurry.

Narendran and Siddhi looks at eachother.

Narendran us about to tell when Siddhi and he sees Harshan in alien form.Both are shocked.


Narendran:We are not in hurry my 500 rupees note was lost just finding it.

Ooshi:So we will help you.

Siddhi:No no we will find it by ourself.

Shai:Ooshi if they don’t need help then why are you helping.

Shai and Ooshi are about to turn when Narendran stops them and says

Narendran:Come with us know have breakfast.

Shai:Yeah of course we will have.

Ooshi:What we will have?No its okay.

Siddhi:What it’s okay you have to come pls it’s a request.


Narendran takes Ooshi and Shai.We to there house and Siddhi goes to Harshan.

Siddhi:Harshan what are you doing here in alien form?

Harshan:I am not getting sunlight to eat so my real form came out.

Siddhi takes Harshan to a side where sun is coming then Harshan comes in his human form.

Siddhi:Now okay?


Siddhi:What yeah let’s go.

Siddhi and Harshan goes to their house.

Kathy:Take more breakfast.

Ooshi:No no now we will go bye.

Both go from there.

Rufina:Harshan where were you?

Harshan tells the whole story.

Kathy:Today our secret was almost out.


Narendran:Today we got shaved.

Siddhi:What!Areee it’s not shaved.No one of us have mouthach.It’s saved not shaved.We were doing shaving from this much time.

Kathy:Siddhi calm down.Now no one will do like this mistake.

Rufina:Yeah or our life will get in danger.

Siddhi:It’s very hot and AC is also not working and fan has stopped.Narendran bring fan know.

Narendran goes and bring fan which are on sealing.

Siddhi:What is this I told you to bring hand fan not sealing fan.

Narendran:Siddhi you told bring fan you don’t told to bring which fan.

Siddhi:It’s commonsense that you have to bring handfan only.

Narendran:Kathy see know.

Kathy:You both get shut up.

Then a message comes on tab.Rufina takes the

Rufina:Guys see a call from high command.

Rufina picks up the call.

All the five:Ishava.

High command:Namaste.


Narendran says

Narendran:I teached him.

Siddhi and Kathy get confused.

Siddhi:High command I am trying to repair the
spaceship but not able to repair.

High command:And I can also can’t send spaceship.

Rufina and Kathy:Why?

High command:Because a big technical problem came in all the spaceship.


High command:That I also don’t know but remember that when spaceship will get repair and when you will come to our planet then don’t forget to bring khaman dhokala.

Kathy:Khaman Dhokala?

High command:Don’t forget to bring.

Siddhi,Kathy,Narendran,Harshan and Rufina:Namaste.

High command:Khammagani.

Siddhi closes the tab.

Kathy:When you teached this all to high command?


Precap:Dinner party at singh/alien house.


I will tell you the powers of alien.

Kathy-Can rotate like a tornado,can change into anything,can pick any heavy things and can give her power to anyone and can take the power.

Rufina-Can stretch her hand as long as she want and is like a rubber.

Harshan-He have TV in his eyes and can record anything by his eyes.

Narendran:He can climb on Wall like chipkali,he can get invisible and he can give his life to anyone whether is dead.

Siddhi:Can read anyone’s mind,can control any one by mind,can erase the memory,can talk by mind to anyone and can change in any human.

Tell which character you like living your character.

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  1. wow super siddhi I like the concept of this ff

  2. Superb Siddhi..I have a TV in my eyes??nyc..Especi giving the life to dead nyc..keep rocking Siddhi

  3. today’s epi was good and specially that high command order which naren teach high command i like naren’s power of giving life and your’s erasing memory very much

  4. sabke powers super hai……BTW vishkanya kaha hai

  5. Oh siddhi… Funny episode tha…. Specially naren bring ceiling fans instead hand fan, khaman dhokala … Where naren taught to high commander … ??? hurray … I have special powers here … I mean all… All the powers are superb dear…

  6. I think high command is a Rajasthani …??

  7. Nice and funny

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