Vishkanya Family As Alien And Human (Epi-4)

Rufina:Guys don’t fight.Butility why you came here?

Arpita:Because you all din’t came out of house so we all got worried.

Siddhi:Don’t worry we all are fine.

Lights comes again.

Kathy:See light also came.Now don’t worry.

Ooshi:Okay but if you will have any problem then tell us.

Rufina:Yeah we tell.Bye

Everyone goes from there.

Siddhi:Harshan I told you not to land in our house and landed here only.

Harshan:I was not having any option only.

Narendran:Get it be know now he came.

Siddhi:We are already in tension then why are you increasing my tension.Areee it’s let it be not get it be.

Narendran:No no get is that we need gets to tell truth.

Siddhi:It’s not gets it is guts.

Kathy:Sometime I think why we brought this both with us for going.Professor Siddhi take your class later.

Rufina:Harshan now don’t bring your human form as any colony members can come in anytime.Specially that Shai.

Shai comes there


Rufina:Oh ho I took devil’s name and she came also see.


Rufina:Nothing by the why you came?

Shai:Siddhi was going to give me 501 rupees so I came to take it.

Siddhi:I will give you.

Siddhi removes 501 rupees from her pocket and gives to Shai.

Shai:Thanks and if tomorrow newspaper will come in your house hen give me as I don’t get.

Kathy:Okay bye.

Shai goes from.

Harshan:Rufina why you call her David?

Siddhi:Harshan you also started its not David it’s devil.

Harshan:Anything but why?

Rufina:See how much kanjoos she is.

Narendran:That only.She asks 501 rupees to everyone.


Siddhi:Now Harshan don’t take your alien form again.Hooooooo


Rufina:Now let’s sleep it’s night.

All go to sleep.

At morning Siddhi is shouting on Narendran

Siddhi:What you did Narendran with my dress you cleaned the floor.

Narendran:Yeah nothing was there to clean and water was fallen.

Siddhi:Then outside the colony there is shop then you could by a cloth to swipe the floor.

Narendran:What Siddhi you only tell we should never waste time.

Siddhi:Oh ho to whom I am teaching.If I will teach him then my words will get wrong.

Kathy comes there.

Kathy:What why you both are fighting?

Siddhi:See know Kathy with my dress he swiped the floor where water was fallen.

Kathy:What!But why?

Narendran:Time would get waste that’s why.


Siddhi:I will tell you the tale later now where is Harshan?

Kathy:I don’t know.


Rufina comes there.

Rufina:What happen Siddhi?

Siddhi:Do you know where is Harshan?

Rufina:No I don’t know.

Siddhi:If no one knows then start finding him.

All of them start finding Harshan but he is not there.

Rufina:He is nowhere.

Kathy:What!Now what will happen?

Precap:While Siddhi and Narendran talks to Shai and Ooshi Harshan comes back in his alien form and Ooshi and Shai.We are about to turn.

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  1. Hilarious episode … Specially enjoy siddhi n naren part… N oh no u said devil to Shai…??? oh gosh where is this harshan now… Excited for the next episode ..

  2. I AM THE DEVIL 😉 😉

  3. the episode was hilarious….specially siddhi-naren part!!!!

  4. meri kya haalat hai…..ghar pe newspaper bhi nahi millta !!!!!

  5. naren using siddhi’s dress to mop the floor….just to save time!!!!! kya hoga in aliens ka!!!!!

    1. ALLAH hi kre in ka kch ho jae waise hone to kch nhi wala

  6. Episode was full of humour and specially naren and u were just great it was buy in market part and it was them both or both of them not this both

  7. Siddhi tum ne jb ye ff start Ki Thi to iss main 4insaan aur 4 alien the lakin ab 5 alien aur 4 insaan hai ab yehi ratio rhe gi ya change hoti rhe gi

    1. Change hotel Rahega.

  8. Very Serious epis..just for fun …haha…chanceless..U made the story with more humors..enjoyed a lot..Finally I m strting to kill English with Naren??Excited to see what will be next n what I did in out in alien form..

  9. Naren part of washing is nyc n the devil??Shai ..Bt in the Story ,it is a track..Waiting to see what will be comin for tat

  10. Lol its so funny

  11. told devil to shai and next david??mistake pls take care and u make me as funny and u r professor??anyways i laughed a lot

  12. Rufina said devil n I asked David?? Siddhi said itz not..Itz crct bro

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