Vishkanya Family As Alien And Human (Epi-3)

Rufina:Oh I understood.

Kathy:Oh I forgot that we all four have some work so bye.

All four goes from there.They go their home.

Siddhi:I came to know that humans mix tree leaves in tea.

Narendran:I was also not going.

Siddhi:Oh ho when we are happy he kills our happiness with his wrong words.Aree it’s knowing not going.I was also not knowing it is.

Narendran:Knowing is that when a person doesn’t want to do work and for that he does some small time pass.

Siddhi:It’s not knowing it’s boring.I have got tiered of telling him correct words.

Kathy:Oh ho see this Professor Siddhi started her classes.You both just be quit.

Rufina:In our planet also they use to do like this.This Siddhi would be professor and Narendran as a student who always sleeps in class.

Kathy:You are right Rufina but 323 is going to come on earth.


Kathy:Because his spaceship also got like us.

Narendran:This all spaceship are bakwaas.

Rufina:You are right.

Siddhi:Hey guys see a message came to me from 323.

Kathy:What message?

323:I am landing in your house.

Siddhi:No no don’t land or our truth will be out.


Kathy:323 speak.Siddhi what happened?

Siddhi:Network problem.

Rufina:This is called Ulta chor kotwal Ko daate.

Siddhi:What?It should be gaibi mein aata ghir name.

Kathy with her superpowers picks Siddhi up

Siddhi:Kathy what are you doing?

Kathy:Why you get always professor when someone does a mistake?

Siddhi:I am sorry Kathy please put me down.


Kathy pits Siddhi down.

Rufina:Now think how to stop 323 from landing here.

Narendran:Now we can’t do anything.

Suddenly the lights of house gets on off again and again.

Siddhi:What is happening?

Kathy:I think 323 is landing.


Then a spaceship lands.And lights get off.A alien comes out of spaceship.

Narendran:323 you came.

323:Yeah I came.

Siddhi:Why you came.Now quickly take a human form before colony members come here.

Siddhi shows 323 a tab in which 323 selects one persons face.

He transform into the person

Narendran:Wow 323 you are looking very handsome.


Kathy:Talk afterwards Siddhi hide this spaceship.

Siddhi does the spaceship small and keeps it inside a bag.

Siddhi:Now we are safe.

Then colony members come.

Shafaq:Singh’s don’t you feel that earth was shaking.

Kathy:Yeah we feeled it and see lights are also gone.

Sharad sees 323 and asks

Sharad:Who is this boy?

Siddhi tells softly to Kathy,Rufina,Narendran and 323

Siddhi:What will be his name?

Rufina:We forgot only to give his name.

Kathy:I think we should keep his name Harshan.

Narendran:Good idea.

Kathy says to colony members

Kathy:He is our family member his name is Harshan.


Shai:So you should tell us before only.By the way your family member came then give me 501 rupees.

Siddhi:We will give.

Siddhi is about to remove money.

Shafaq:Siddhi what are you giving her money and Shai I have got irritate by your asking money to everyone.

Precap:No Precap


    • HarSHaN

      Happpieee..Today epi rockz as like as the chains of previous..Finally,I’m also coming..323,the name makes me to imagine as an alien.(A Droid”Alpha” in StarWars)Tanq Siddhi..keep continue

  1. Ooshi Akbar

    2nd and 3rd episode at the same day otherwise the epi was good and specially siddhi professor kathy teacher will give u a big punishment if u didn’t decrease ur habbit today’s punishment was also not bad and finally 323/harshan came he would be very happy to see this

  2. Kathy

    Are yaar y no precap…. Finally 323 is here… I mean harshan?? funny episode …. Good going … All day am waiting to read ur story siddhi… It’s wonderful … N well written

  3. shai

    it was a funny episode!!!! harshan what a jhakkas entry…
    kathy di,it seems like you are the boss,naren is a joker and siddhi is “miss perfectionist”,rufina hi samajhdar lag rhi hai

  4. Fatarajo

    Haha wow siddhi u can write in all genres good job dear and wow looks like u added vishkanya members nice πŸ™‚

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.