Vishkanya Family As Alien And Human (Epi-2)


Kathy:Stop fighting.Now think how to contact in our planet.

Rufina:Yes we were going in other planet but the spaceship is only bakwaas.

Narendran:Just gate the spaceship.

Siddhi:What?Areee it’s not gate it’s hate.Just
hate the spaceship not just gate the spaceship.

Narendran:No no hate is that see colony have a hate so that a theif will not come.

Siddhi:It’s gate.

Narendran:No no………

Kathy:Shut up Siddhi and Narendran.You both always fight now don’t open your mouth.

Both Siddhi and Narendran keep their finger on lips ?

Rufina:But now think how to contact as we are not getting network properly.

Siddhi:I think for sone days we have to stay here only.

All the four get emotional.

Narendran:Don’t be bad everything will get fine.

Siddhi:Narendran it’s not bad it’s sad don’t get sad.Why are you talking?

Kathy:Oh Professor Siddhi take your after sometime and think what we will do now.

Rufina:Guys if for some days we are living in this colony only so we should know our neighbours right so should we go to them?

Siddhi:Nice idea.

All the four goes to Ooshi’s house.They knock on door and Ooshi opens the door.



All the four sees Shai there.

Siddhi:Oh hello Shai

Shai:Hello so came in Ooshi’s house.


Shai:Do give 501 rupees.


Ooshi:Shai from how many people you will 501 rupees?

Shai:Was just joking but you want to give ten can give.

Ooshi:Shut up Shai.Come inside and sit.

All the four sit on sofa.

Siddhi:So you Ooshi you live alone only.

Ooshi:No I live with my sister.She has gone to her friend and she will be coming only.

The door bell rings and Ooshi opens the door and is happy that her sister came.


Arpita:Ooshi I came

Both hug eachother.

Kathy:So she is your sister?


Arpita:Ooshi who are they?

Ooshi:I will tell you later.

Shai:Ooshi your sister came back then give me 501 rupees.




Ooshi:Shafaq what happen?

Shafaq:Ooshi I want to make tea but when I open the box I saw box of leaves is empty.

Narendran ask Kathy,Rufina and Siddhi slowly

Narendran:Humans mix tree leaves in tea?

Siddhi:I think they would be mixing.I saw a video in which mother to her daughter tells

Siddhi:Beta put leaves in tea.

Kathy:So it would be like this only.

Shafaq sees them talking to them self and says

Shafaq:What you all are talking?


Shafaq:We ask to forgot what is your surname?


Siddhi asks slowly to Kathy

Siddhi:What is surname?

Kathy:Don’t know what it is.

Rufina:Shafaq what’s there in a surname.

Shafaq:No no Shakespeare told what’s there in a name?See everyone have surname like singh,kumar,verma.

Siddhi:Our surface is Singh.


Siddhi:Kathy if we will tell our surname then it will be easy to live here.

Rufina:Oh I understood.

Precap:Narendran’s alien form to come and Shafaq,Sharad,Shai;Ooshi and Arpita to come to their house.

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  1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    He alien???

      1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

        Not like that siddhi.. I am laughing imagining myself as alien??and laughing alot!!!

  2. Actually siddhi i didn’t read this ff yesterday because i was busy with my studies….awesome dr…superb writing…i loved ur surprise alot…:-):-):-):-)

  3. I laughed a lot siddhi… ??? am like teacher here … Enjoy the naren n siddhi part a lot…

  4. hey siddhi why am i asking for Rs 501 from everyone…i cant understand…
    anyways i liked it!!!!! 🙂
    mujhe aise hi ulte-sidhe kaam karwaate raho…chaho to villain bhi bana do no problem

    1. Shai u are conjus here and this is a comedy ff so no villains but will make u a little bad.

      1. kanjoos…LOL btw i am a bit kanjoos……well thanks for making me bad

  5. the “tree-leaves-tea” part was funny

  6. good going dear i also enjoyed your and naren part so much

      1. i don’t like thanks so didn’t take it keep it back

  7. “hate”,”like a bet (501)”,”surname”..sema..going like a jet fire humors..gud..keep rocking Siddhi

  8. Wow so many comments.

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