Vishkanya Family As Alien And Human (Epi-1)

Character Sketch

Kathy:Is an alien and her alien name is 1171

Narendran:Is an alien and his alien name is -121

Rufina:Is an alien and her alien name is 435

Siddhi:Is an alien and her alien name is 510.

Shafaq:Is an human.

Shai:Is an human.

Ooshi:Is an human.

Sharad:Is an human.

Four aliens in human form lands on earth.

Kathy:We have get in a safe place so that no one can find us.

Rufina:But which place?

Siddhi:Yeah there is no safe place on earth for us.

Narendran sees Vishkanya colony and says

Narendran:Guys this Colony looks safe.

Kathy:Vishkanya Colony.

Rufina:But what does Vishkanya means?

Narendran:Vishkanya means a girl who have poison in her body.

Siddhi:No what a girl which have poison in her body.A girl is a human and if human takes poison then she dies then how can vishkanya mean that??


Kathy:What you both are finding meaning of vishkanya.Now think how to enter in this Colony.

All are thinking when Rufina gets a idea and says

Rufina:I have a idea.Come here.

She tells the idea and all agree and goes inside the colony.As per plan Siddhi shouts

Siddhi:Help,help,help us please.

Sharad,Shafaq,Shai and Ooshi come out.

Sharad:Who are you all?

Shai:Leave who are you but what happen to you why are you shouting?

Ooshi:Yeah why are you shouting?

Shai:Ooshi I asked this question then why are you asking again?

Ooshi:I asked just for formality.

Shai:What formality………..

Shafaq:Shut up Ooshi and Shai you.We came here to see what happens and you both are fighting.

Kathy:Actually we urgently need to buy house so do you know where is a nice house we will get?

Sharad:I am a agent and I have my one own house which I want to sell so come with me it’s in this Colony only.

All the four and Sharad comes inside.

Rufina:Wow house is beautiful.


Sharad:So if you like it then should I final the deal?


Sharad:Do you want to renovate your house?

Narendran:No no we don’t want to renovate the house we only want to get safe.


Siddhi:He means that if we would not get house then we would got ill.


Siddhi:Means if we will roam in sun for getting house then because of sun we will get ill.

Sharad:Yeah right.So come in evening for completing some formality.

Kathy:Okay we will come.

Sharad goes from there.

Kathy:Narendran today you almost opened our secret.

Siddhi:Yeah be careful.

Rufina:Aree any secret he can’t hide only.

Precap:Siddhi and Rufina to go out for job.Narendran and Kathy to be at house and Sharad,Shafaq,Shai and Ooshi to come to their house.
Hope my vishkanya Family will like this post comment loads.This is for my vishkanya Family members.

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  1. This is the surprise hope u all will like it.

    1. Ofcourse we all like it dear… Tnx…

  2. Haha..Sema..Here I m the Alien finally?

  3. Haha..Sema..Nyc epi Kathy..Here I m the Alien finally?

    1. how could u be an alien as u r not naren nor kathy,rufina or siddhi then how could u be an alien

      1. Ooshi..mob also just hangs n semi sleep(itz just me) while commenting..Tats y repeating..Bt enjoyed the places of again asking..I hope I m there maybe in the end,a little char..Bt,?..Sorry yaar..

      2. Absence can be also an alien one☺

      3. Hmm so ur invisible alien…??

  4. Haha..Sema..Nyc epi Shiddi…Here I m the Alien finally?Confusion strts

  5. Tnx siddhi… It is indeed a pleasant surprise to all… ???

  6. wow….i loved it!!! first was surprised to see all our names…and thought i was imagining thingss
    but rest apart the story sounds great!!!

  7. Wel written with humours … I laughed a lot … ?? by the way I enjoyed being an alien… ??

  8. i liked the arrogant nature of me…please make me a grey character with a kalpana

    1. As u wished u got a grey character here Shai…??

  9. almost enjoy all the parts specially Shai n ooshi’s arguments … N where rufina says that naren coudnt hide any secrets …??? luv u dear… Keep on writing…

  10. hey forgot harshan

    1. S Shai?

      1. Don’t worry he will enter soon.

  11. not bad idea is so cute and good but read this there r some common mistakes which shouldn’t be like ‘is an human’ is not correct it should be ‘is a human’ because an use before vowels and h is not a vowel they r a,e,i,o,u no h same ‘i have a idea isn’t correct’ because i is vowel so it should be ‘i have an idea’ i didn’t remember if there any other i know u r our the smallest member of our family but hope u will take it as a correction by one of your di other wise shai and ooshi’s fight idea was good naren and siddhi’s conversation was also good but not as prominent as shashi’s fight and last dialogue was not for me but usually it said for me by others

  12. the surprise is as sweet and cute as u dear

  13. Hey to buy a house from where we getting money????

    1. By super powers ?

    2. Extraordinary thought dear… Luv it… So excited to read the next episode … Post it soon…??

  14. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Superb!! I loved my name..

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