Vishkanya…………..absurd relation

Vishkanya………………….most awkvard sibling pair

I wondered if someone would like to throw some loght on this aspect.

Guys wakeup,

Our lead Appu’s biological mother is the sister of her maasi and so maasi is also mother by relation.

This maasi kalpana is wife of Malays father. So in a way they both share a brother-sister sister relation even though their biological mothers and fathers are differenet.

This is way tooooooooooooooooooooo awkvard. Doesn’t anyone else think so?

Also somewhere I did not like the fact that Appu wants to harm Malay knowing that he is innocent in all this mishap.

Mother-daughter duo must have focussed the revenge only on Malay. (But Im sure Appu will soften towards malay as show progresses.)

One more irritating aspect is the story around Vardaan. I hate this Vardaan even though she wants to save Malay. (I dont know why?)

Please pour your views.

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  1. no mona apu don’t want to harm malay…she is angry with the mittal they have hurt her family…that’s it
    and apu-malay’s relation is not absurd…it is common in india and some parts of world…se the pakistani shows people are married with their own cousins

  2. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    One part I agree.. All hate vardhaan!!!

  3. I hate that vardaan is married to Malay!! Can’t stand this idiot irritating vardaan. This show was so good, but now I have no interest.

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