Vishkanya 9th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Vishkanya 9th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vardaan throws black beads on Kasturi and she shouts in pain. Kalpana breaks Apu’s cage door. Brahamrakshas’s black smoke takes Kasturi from there. Kalpana gets Apu out of cage and thanks Vardaan for helping her and says she will not forget her favor her whole life. Apu says she is indebted to her for saving her life many times, but she will not let her take Malay. Vardaan says she knows, so she did not reveal her secret to anyone. Vardaan looks at kalimaa idol, smiles and leaves. Kalpana asks her to take care of herself. Kaun hai wo kaun hai wo…song.. from bahubali plays in the background for Apu.

Vardaan reaches home. Malay holds her and asks what is going on betwee her and Apu, what are they hiding, why did she bring bead anklet for Apu when guest took it out.

Vardaan thinks she promised not to reveal secret, but did not promise not to tell it to Malay. She says his doubt regarding Apu is right. He asks what is it. She says she cannot say, the more she tried to fix things, she went away from her, today she is going to lose him competely. He insists to tell what it is. She says he has to get secret from Apu itself and leaves. Malay goes to her room and seeing her sleeping smiles. He reminisces Apu panicking when her bead anklet is takes, goes to her room, finds her asleep, and tries to check her feet. Apu wakes up and asks how come here is here so early in the morning. He gets nervous. She says today is pooja, so if he came to wake her up. He nods yes. She says she is happy seeing his face in the morning.

Nandita checks CCTV footage and sees Kasturi signaling her hand and making fan fall on Apu. Kumkum asks what did she see. Nandita signals to rewind and pause and then play external footage. They see again Kasturi getting into car dickie. Kumkum asks who is this lady. Nandita thinks whoever it is, she has to meet her.

Kumkum comes to Apu and says she and Nandita are going out, so she has to go to gtemple alone, sees her hand injury and asks how did it happen. Apu reminisces getting hurt when she touched cage, and lies must have hurt unkowingly. Malay comes and says he will accompany Apu. Apu gets happy. Malay then says he and Vardaan will go. Apu gets sad.
Malay gets car. Apu sits on front seat and asks Vardaan if she is comfortable in backseat. Vardaan nods yes. Malay while driving thinks to save his and Vardaan’s relationship, he has to know what Apu is hiding. Apu says Malay she needs water. Malay goes out to bring water. Apu says Vardaan she can understand what she is gonig through when she performs marriage rituals on Malay’s insistence, even she had gone through same. Vardaan says she is not sad at all and says she should be worried instead. Apu says she is not worried at all. Malay comes back. They reach temple. Apu says Malay let us do pooja together like before. She asks Vardaan to get pooja iteams from car. Malay sees Apu’s neem-tulsi bead anklet and thinks if he removes it, Apu’s problems wll be out, so he will remove it.

Precap: Malay drops pooja itema purposefully and while picks picks them removes her neem-tulsi anklet. Vardaan thinks Malay will know Apu’s secret now. Goons misbehave with Apu and beat Malay. Apu scratches goon and Malay shouts what did she do.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Narendran

    Thnx for the fast update .. Mam..

    1. Narendran

      Hurrah!!!! I am first.. No one knows.. How much I am happy now!!?????????????Getting first Is sooo tough.. Even though today there is no competetor.. Nandana,shai,kathy,Alisha,osshi,anika,saya,sisla,siddhi,apsara,ridhima,sarayu,and nagma.. And all members good night..

      1. Naren we r also very happy ? and I don’t want to be your competitor

      2. Kathy

        Good night naren.. Have a good sleep…

    2. Nandana

      first to comment congrats bro ??????

    3. Nandana

      and ur medal will be given by kathy di

    4. Nandana

      and i will give u a trophy ? as after a long time u r here as first . and i am very happy bro as u came first

    5. Nandana

      here is the trophy ?

    6. i am v.v.v. and many very happy to see you today i am very happily congratulating u as our today’s gold medalist

    7. Kathy

      Yeh naren… First to comment … After ages…. ??

    8. Kathy

      Means.. Today’s gold medalist….?
      Congrats…. Naren…????

  2. Kathy

    Thanks MA mam for the update …???

  3. Oh apu i really feel bad for u but after all its a drama

    1. Nandana

      me too sumedha

    2. Kathy

      Yes dear…. Poor Apu…

  4. Nandana


  5. Narendran

    I don’t know.. What Malay thinks of??.. He tells I love Apu!! One time and tells I love vardhaan now!! Now he wants to maintain relationship with vardhaan?? Cheap Malay!!??????????Change track or end this show.. I hate this show more now a days.. I watch only for Aishwarya only!! Otherwise not watching this worst show..

    1. Nandana

      yes bro what kind of man is this malay very very very cheap

    2. in future he will say that i love dash now agreed to u about changing the track or finishing the show

    3. The trp speaks for everything. I too want it either to end or a change in track

  6. Anika

    Vardaan is so evil ! She saved Apu because she wanted Apu to keep alive and Malay to hate Apu

    1. and make him cry because of chipkali other wise agreed to u

    2. Kathy


  7. Shai

    even malay is playing games with our apu..his love has vanished!!!!
    what will happen to our vishkanya???

    1. Nandana

      yes shai and my doubt is that did malay truely loved her? then what does he mean of love ?

      1. Shai

        Nandana i still can’t read your messages

      2. Nandana

        Ok till now they didn’t send any reply . Now i don’t know dear what to do

    2. happy to see ur comment

    3. Kathy

      Doom of vishkanya…

  8. Unite vardann and Malay. I can’t take this anymore

    1. thanks for the comment

  9. Hi to all my vk members……??????. Epi disappointing me.☹️☹️☹️?? previously Vardhan followed Apu now Malay . I can’t believe he is the one who loved Apu. I think he is just attracted to Apu previously but not loved her…at least Apu should realise his nonsense and leave him before he knows the truth….

    1. Nandana


    2. Kathy

      Hi dear… How u doing??? Yes agreed…

    3. Even I was disappointed by reading Malay’s part. he should have showed his detective skills before confessing his love for apu

    4. happy to see u dear

  10. I think the spoilers news about twist is correct??????

    1. how much twists will they make and first tell me what is the real story in which twists r coming

  11. Kathy

    Enough is enough … How long will they drag this…. Just fed up… Coudnt see this chipkali mahaan anymore …

    1. Nandana

      me too di cant tolerate this chipkali as mahaan anymore

    2. Same here

    3. agreed from the core of heart

  12. di aap k lie previous page pr poetry chori hai check kr lena

    1. older comments main b hai thori si

    2. Kathy

      Yes I read … Dear it’s lovely poem… N I left reply too…

      1. And I checked it

  13. And suddenly, they have made apu look like a third wheel as if apu is the one who’s coming between Malay and vardaan. Can never expect a good track for apu? They have ruined her character

    1. Kathy

      Yes saya… Completely spoil… The character of Apu n the show as well…

    2. agreed

  14. Oh my Apu, sorry dear. I think its time for apu to let go of Malay.

    1. Agreed

    2. Kathy

      Hi Mel… How u doing dear????

      1. Im good Kathy, thanks. Are you seeing how vardaan is saving Apu? The writers are making vardaan great

      2. Kathy

        Just read written updates dear…. N commenting here for my family…

  15. Apu u came to take revenge right, kill everyone including malay too, its ur fault u said u wont kill innocent and now u become villain..Malay even doenst wants to find what happened to apu at time of his marriage with apu..
    So Apu kill nanditha and finish the series, Let Anokhi prem kahani goto hell along with writers.

    1. Little bit agreed

  16. Oh I’m shocked tat malay ‘s brain is working, wen apu got vanished on wedding day his brain didn’t work bt nw is working nd tat too for his selfish motives. I’m also feeling Pitty for apu nd this chipkali irritating asusal. Plz stop this track nd change the storyline or bring another hero for apu.

    1. Kathy

      Agreed… Before spoil this serial anymore better to end this song…

      1. Kathy


    2. Agreed

  17. Malay please marry vardhaan and hate this apu , vardhaan saved her but still apu over drama queen.

    1. I agree with you

  18. Kathy


    Once upon a time there was a little boy who was talented, creative, handsome, and extremely bright. A natural leader. The kind of person everyone would normally have wanted on their team or project. But he was also self-centered and had a very bad temper. When he got angry, he usually said, and often did, some very hurtful things. In fact, he seemed to have little regard for those around him. Even friends. So, naturally, he had few. “But,” he told himself, “that just shows how stupid most people are!”

    As he grew, his parents became concerned about this personality flaw, and pondered long and hard about what they should do. Finally, the father had an idea. And he struck a bargain with his son. He gave him a bag of nails, and a BIG hammer. “Whenever you lose your temper,” he told the boy, “I want you to really let it out. Just take a nail and drive it into the oak boards of that old fence out back. Hit that nail as hard as you can!”

    Of course, those weathered oak boards in that old fence were almost as tough as iron, and the hammer was mighty heavy, so it wasn’t nearly as easy as it first sounded. Nevertheless, by the end of the first day, the boy had driven 37 nails into the fence (That was one angry young man!). Gradually, over a period of weeks, the number dwindled down. Holding his temper proved to be easier than driving nails into the fence! Finally the day came when the boy didn’t lose his temper at all. He felt mighty proud as he told his parents about that accomplishment.
    success,” his father responded, “you get to PULL OUT one nail. In fact, you can do that each day that you don’t lose your temper even once.”

    Well, many weeks passed. Finally one day the young boy was able to report proudly that all the nails were gone.

    At that point, the father asked his son to walk out back with him and take one more good look at the fence. “You have done well, my son,” he said. “But I want you to notice the holes that are left. No matter what happens from now on, this fence will never be the same. Saying or doing hurtful things in anger produces the same kind of result. There will always be a scar. It won’t matter how many times you say you’re sorry, or how many years pass, the scar will still be there. And a verbal wound is as bad as a physical one. People are much more valuable than an old fence. They make us smile. They help us succeed. Some will even become friends who share our joys, and support us through bad times. And, if they trust us, they will also open their hearts to us. That means we need to treat everyone with love and respect. We need to prevent as many of those scars as we can.”

    A most valuable lesson, don’t you think? And a reminder most of us need from time to time. Everyone gets angry occasionally. The real test is what we DO with it.

    If we are wise, we will spend our time building bridges rather than barriers in our relationships.

    1. Di u r toooooooooooooooooooooooooo
      good that’s why I love u Di.
      Moral lesson control your anger because some damages can’t be managed whether they occurred intentionally,by mistake or in anger

      1. Kathy

        Luv u too dear…??

    2. Wow, Kathy dear, this is so cool yaar( i have started talking like an indian) ??. Anger is a bad thing. Another idea, when ur angry or someone got u angry, just count 30 seconds in ur mind, this will refrain u from doing what u might regret later.

      1. Kathy

        Thanks for sharing … Dear…

  19. Nandana

    Sleep is the best thing that can happen to you after a long day of struggle and hard work. May all have a sound and peaceful sleep and angel dreams. Good Night and Sweet Dreams ??????

    1. Good night and sweet dreams sleep well

      1. Di same time a big hi five for it

    2. Kathy

      Have a good sleep dear… Good night… Sleep well… Sweet dreams…

  20. Anika

    These days I have started watching Yeah Rishta Kya Kehlata hai instead of Vishkanya.
    The new generation track of this serial is very nice. They didn’t spoil the track and that’s why they are ruling TV since seven years.

    1. Kathy

      I have never watched that serial dear… Glad to know it’s going good…

      1. Anika

        Actually my mother used to watch this earlier. One day I watched this serial and found it’s track interesting .
        That’s why I watch this serial with my Ammi .

  21. Shai

    Nandana i still can’t read your messages

  22. Y my comment is nt displaying

  23. Kathy

    As the night gets dark, let your worries fade. sleep peacefully knowing you’ve done all you can do for today.

    Good night to all my VK members… U guys have a good sleep … Sleep well.. Sweet dreams…

    See u guys tomorrow in shaa Allah…

    1. Good night Di sweet dreams sleep well take care oe yourself and yours

  24. HarSHaN

    Pre:”I m not Dev”..A man who looks like Dev said with a evil smile..Mohan takes the Conch n throws for attacking tat man..The new man looking the Conch’s coming in spinning mode..n smiles..

    A short FlashBack of Prev Epis:
    Dev tells about the first meet of Sona in Himalayas while she save the foreign girl..Mohan,the HorseMan called by people bcoz of coming in white horse..He is Sona’s bro n very powerful one..Dev comes to meet he goes..A man who look like Dev enters the house..n finds the secret 7..Mohan realised tat ………

    Mohan throws towards the man who look like Dev..
    The man(evil smile) seeing the Conch’s coming..

    Outside of the house..People feel the strong breeze ..of Air..

    Bt didn’t feel someone is entering Mohan’s house..

    No damages in doors…Entering invisibly…

    Bt Mohan catch tat Who is entering…

    A voice only comes in loud…”7..U know tat now..U want to know the secret”(Pre:Mohan’ s bracelets count is 7)..

    Sona (shock):Dev….(while hearing)..

    The man(?smile): “Welcome,my Brother”…

    Dev comes visible n his eyes full of angry…

    Dev (in loud):”Welcome to our Hell”..

    Mohan (smilesheroic)….n sees Dev…

    Loc:….A place Under Mohan’s house……..
    A big room…
    A dollar which has silvermade moon n a locket on its end is in hanging mode in the shelf slowly oscillates n the locket opens….
    “Tok Tok”Sound in my back head..I m turning n Surprised……

    Dev:”Hey Bro..What is Thiz..I m a Luv king like tiz Mohan….”(seeing Mohan)

    Mohan(nods his head):S..

    Me:”Bhaiyaa..Trying to made a mysteric story with help of U,Mohan n Sona”…

    Dev(zooming eyes):”Where is Luv’s 1st Sec?”

    Mohan:”I think U say about “Where is DevShi?”


    Me:”Bhaiyaa..Just wait..Ur heroic scene is coming”

    Mohan:”I think It ‘ll be beginning of luv”…

    Me:”Crctly said,Bhaiyaa..Let’s see what happen now”…

    Now in ff….
    The locket opens in chain ..A very small flower looks like fresh from the lock flies towards Up..
    It comes in spinning n reachez Mohan…

    Dev:”If U r fast,Just try to chase us before the flower is entering the Conch”(seeing the man,actually his brother)..

    Mohan catches the Conch n strts opening it…n also throws the flower to Dev…
    While Dev touches the flower, his fingers r strted changing like a firing hand….
    Bt the flower is not burning…Dev sees the flower stalk’ s end (a stick like structure for a flower)…It seems like a lock n also needs a key Too.

    Dev’s bro still arrested in before Mohan as a Statue..Trying to move…Bt failed…

    He escaped by a second of disappearance n goes to own place….
    Mohan:”We ‘ll not make U escape..Giving a chance of living”
    Dev (Thinks):”I want to see Sona again like my Luv First-time now..I want My luv’s 1st sec”…
    Dev’s eyes remembering the first meet with Sona…
    Dev (in mind):”KShi..”
    N sees Sona
    Sona(hypnotize):Is there any magic from Dev?”

    Hope U like this frndzz.. Tanq for reading n write ur thoughts after reading. ..Tanq
    Luv’s 1st sec to be continued…

    1. Kathy

      Good episode harshan… Good going… I loved where Dev thinks… “want My luv’s 1st sec”….. Keep writing…. N more thing…thanks for entertaining us harshan… I know ur busy… N having ahectic days… But same time take care of yourself too… Without enough sleep, good health, good living, and good writing are impossible.

      1. HarSHaN

        Tanq Kathy..No no…I not busy..Sure..I ‘ll always write..I think I made tiz epi like a confusing one..Take care of Urself too Kathy..

  25. very happy to watch u all on the page and Bhai kya chl rha hai aaj kl jb tk aap ka nam na lia jae aap ka comment dikhai nhi deta aainda se muje na kehna pre k aap ko idhr comment krna hai pta hai aap busy ho ge ya so gae ho ge ya moderation time le rhi ho gi iss lie meri in baton ko ignore kr dena but main ye faltu batain krna bnd nhi kr skti q k mera dil hd drje ka pagal hai aur jb jo feel krta hai foran bol deta hai and take care yourself and your’s

  26. Good morning kathy nandana ooshi and all vk family… have a nice day all of you and learn some good things today ??

    1. Kathy

      Good morning sumedha… U too have a very nice day ahead dear….

  27. Nandana


    1. Kathy

      Very good morning nandana… U have a good day ahead… Keep smiling ….??

  28. Kathy

    Good morning naren, Ayesha Akka, ooshi , Shai, shafaq, rufina , siddhi, nagma, Tara, harshan, kavya, Arpita, Mel, mukti, shammu, sharaya, sharadh , shradha, chitali, prakriti, Elsa , Eva , Ayesha, Fiza , Dharhu , Adito , pinky , nandana , Mona , ridhima , nandana, saya, Arpita, sisla, khathri saima, sumedha n Shaikh family… Very good morning all … Have a wonderful day ahead.. Keep smiling …

    1. Kathy

      * Anika…

      1. Anika

        Good morning Kathy di .
        Have a nice day ahead.

  29. Md absurd rahman

    Vardan is so.. bad he is evil

  30. Md abdur rahman

    Vardan is not Good he not doing right Malay first love is appu not you

    1. Kathy

      Tnx for the comment…

  31. Let me see what happens today if apu marries Malay,i am done with Viashkanya for good. I used to like apu until she started acting like she owns Malay ?

    1. This marriage wont happen for sure… just waiting what will be the next plot of this drama… all of the sudden love between apulay vanished.. then revange track also vanished now again marriage track…. nothg special gonna happen in this drama now… this is being totally bakwas serial after kkb

      1. Kathy

        Yes dear… CVs totally changed the plot… As u said.. It just bakwas now… Missing those beautiful apulay moments..

  32. Hii people how r u all actually yesterday I went in my father friends marriage so I can’t comment

    1. Kathy

      Hi rajni …. How u doing dear???? It’s ok …. Happy u comment today…

    2. Kathy

      Hope u enjoyed yesterday’s wedding…?

  33. Good evening kathy….
    And all vk family
    How r u all…?
    Very much disappointed by the writers of vishkanya..
    They r just ki kicking out apu only…what’s wrong with them

    1. Kathy

      Am happy to see ur comment today… Yes dear…. CVs gone mad …. N made Apu vamp…. N chipkali mahaan…

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